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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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I said above that I wouldn't order any more Abu, but Rogue Wave is selling the rest of the coffees that were used at the World Brewer's Cup, which was just held in Milan at HOST.

Ply Pasarj represented Canada (and Rogue Wave) and placed third in the first round and fifth in the medal round.

$54 for about 70g + 40g of two Panama Geishas. ... tition-set

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I saw that email. Glad I only do espresso.

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Wow that is so amazing! Congrats to them! That said, I wouldn't trust my dialing in skills with that quantity...


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Man there's just too many good roasters to try. I usually rotate between De Mello, Pilot and Sam James out of laziness/familiarity but was feeling a little adventurous. Underdog by Outpost is fantastic. Scooped up a bunch of beans from Subtext, excited to try those. Looked through the thread, Detour and Rogue look interesting will have to give those a try.

I've tried:
Sam James (Cut Coffee)
De Mello
Java Roasters
The Library

lmk if there are other local roasters I should check out.

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Earthy wrote:Wow that is so amazing! Congrats to them! That said, I wouldn't trust my dialing in skills with that quantity...
He gave an extremely detailed recipe. Masses in and out, water chemistry, times, temperatures, pours, flow rates, height of the kettle above the brewer, grind settings, etc. I didn't have his brewer (origami w/Kalita filters) so I used V60 w/KONO filters instead. He gave grind settings for 1Z-presso and Comandante; based on his timing/flow rates I guessed what the equivalents would be on the Apex.

There was enough for coffee for seven cups using his 12.5g recipe, plus another cup of leftovers. What's interesting is he used different grind settings for the two coffees, so grind 8.5g of one coffee, adjust the grinder, grind 4g of the second coffee at a finer setting, mix the two, and brew. The cup of leftovers was good, and I've had two cups using his recipe. When combined with confirmation bias, both have been simply spectacular and the best cups since the last time I had Abu farm's Geisha. The remaining five cups' worth are now individually vac-packed and sleeping in the freezer.

Back to more normal coffee - I'll be drinking/pulling various coffees from 49th Parallel for the rest of the year.