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Radio.YYZ wrote:Hiya,

I am having a hard time getting my usual roasters to do light roast, i.e first crack, matte brown colour of beans with no oils as i usually prefer natural coffees that tend to have fruit acid prominent. I usually do cortados so the milk rounds off and you get a very delicious coffee. In any case even the roasters that do their "light" roast for ethiopian ardi have switched to medium. So here i am looking for recommendation for fruit bombs, or sweet and acidic coffees. I usually go for s.o coffees but will take any recommendation and roasters. Last few threads detour shows up so i may give them a go. I have done idc coffee and i found the roast to not be even and the coffees to be more traditional chocolately coffee than the light roasted fruity ones.
Give Terry a shout at Prairie Lily Coffee. His love of light roasted coffee shows in how many SOs and even light blends he has to offer.


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This coffee from Rosso is pretty amazing! I'll be pre-ordering some more from the next batch. ... ural-mokka

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thanks @PIXIllate & @mohninme for recommendations.

I guess for good roasted coffee, the pricing does climb up! I have ordered some from social in the meantime.
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Iwas recently amazed by a roaster I just tried:

I tried various roast levels, beans and origins with great results.


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John49 wrote:1. Pilot - Ana Sora
2. Social Coffee - Sidama ARDI
3. Pilot - Dabesa Natural

anyone have any recommendations for people in the Bay Area similar to Pilot's Ana Sora?



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Just ordered some coffee from Zab. Looking forward to try them :)
- Jean


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iBrew wrote:This coffee from Rosso is pretty amazing! I'll be pre-ordering some more from the next batch. ... ural-mokka
I was able to order from that special offer as a father day treat, and I have to agree, it is amazing. Peaches, mango, and pineapple are all there. Very special. Super expensive though. I really like the Day Tripper from their regular offerings.

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anish wrote: anyone have any recommendations for people in the Bay Area similar to Pilot's Ana Sora?

Pilot has just released Ana Sora!

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#349: Post by redbone »

Trying this half Caf from Detour. Making this my post morning pre mid day coffee. Yep I'm that sensitive to caffeine but still enjoy coffee. Use full decaf post afternoon.

Edit: This coffee was a fail for me regardless of grind, grinder (flat/conical, P.O., drip or espresso. Oddly enough their full decaf is great. I was able to make better tasting coffee mixing a their full decaf and non-decaf coffees)
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Hello everyone..just joined the forum.
Not sure where I went wrong but...why am I not enjoying my morning coffee?
After using Keurig pods for so many years I decided it was time to start enjoying my morning coffee for a change,so last month I bought a burr grinder (De'Longhi KG89) a Cuisinart CHW-12C drip machine and I grind the beans just before brewing in the morning.Wife and I have one cup with breakfast and that's about it but I actually prefer the taste of espresso that I get from my Nespresso Essenza Mini so I'll have one as well right after breakfast.
My first whole bean blend (Delta) was ok...then moved up to Illy and that was way better...then moved up to Pilot (Monument) and.....can't drink it...just awful,so disappointed.So yesterday I bought a bag from Bean Wise (they use beans from Reunion) and it was almost as good as Illy but still overall feel like I'm missing something.
I have two bags NAGA SINGAGE and ARDI NATURAL in the cart at Social in Richmond Hill (pick them because they're close by) but before I buy it my question is...
Because I love the taste of my espresso,should I stick to espresso bean blends or single origins or dark roast blends for my drip machine....can any one recommend something or point out what I'm doing wrong so I can start enjoying my coffee?
Much appreciated...