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Radio.YYZ wrote:Hiya,

I am having a hard time getting my usual roasters to do light roast, i.e first crack, matte brown colour of beans with no oils as i usually prefer natural coffees that tend to have fruit acid prominent. I usually do cortados so the milk rounds off and you get a very delicious coffee. In any case even the roasters that do their "light" roast for ethiopian ardi have switched to medium. So here i am looking for recommendation for fruit bombs, or sweet and acidic coffees. I usually go for s.o coffees but will take any recommendation and roasters. Last few threads detour shows up so i may give them a go. I have done idc coffee and i found the roast to not be even and the coffees to be more traditional chocolately coffee than the light roasted fruity ones.
Give Terry a shout at Prairie Lily Coffee. His love of light roasted coffee shows in how many SOs and even light blends he has to offer.


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This coffee from Rosso is pretty amazing! I'll be pre-ordering some more from the next batch. ... ural-mokka

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thanks @PIXIllate & @mohninme for recommendations.

I guess for good roasted coffee, the pricing does climb up! I have ordered some from social in the meantime.
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Iwas recently amazed by a roaster I just tried:

I tried various roast levels, beans and origins with great results.


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John49 wrote:1. Pilot - Ana Sora
2. Social Coffee - Sidama ARDI
3. Pilot - Dabesa Natural

anyone have any recommendations for people in the Bay Area similar to Pilot's Ana Sora?



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Just ordered some coffee from Zab. Looking forward to try them :)
- Jean