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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#321: Post by redbone »

Waiting on 6 (cheaper shipping) of these from Barry's Bay township near Algonquin Park. Palate got tired of bright coffee and got teased by some recent Sumatra coffee posts here on HB. Aged Sumatra

Indonesian beans from Sumatra and Java tamed by a wonderfully smooth South American bean from Brazil. The resulting medium blend demonstrates notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and brown sugar.
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#322: Post by bcrdukes »


Looking forward to your review and impressions on the Detour La Piragua. Was curious to see if the two lots truly differ from each other but that lead to my hesitation to order.

I just went through an order from Cafe Artigiano from Vancouver. Between their Private Reserve Espresso Blend and Italian Blend, I much preferred the Italian blend as it came out very beautifully on my PV Export as opposed to the Rocket. I didn't try it on the Robot. The Private Reserve espresso turned out nice on both machines, with a more pronounced nut and blackberry tasting notes on the Rocket, but my palate veers towards more traditional Italian espresso more.

No offerings on free shipping, so that was not light on the wallet, but overall enjoyed both espressos. Would order from them again.
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#323: Post by redbone »

Been drinking the Detour La Piragua (Lot1) for the past couple days as a pour over, drip, espresso and Americano. This is a hard one to describe in that it does not offend and as my wife stated "tasted like a good cup of regular coffee". No harsh burnt or aftertaste but no standout flavour either. This may just be an issue with single estate coffees in general.

S.E. were a good learning experience in that it allows one to define a terror similar to wines. I can easily pick out a red Dao from the Douro region. Knowing the tastes of a would aid in blending as in what to add for sweetness, acidity or body. That being said I'm starting to see e advantage of blending to taste, an orchestra vs a all horn band and will cease S.E. coffee for some time.
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#324: Post by Reefguy »

I actually dropped into Detour yesterday, all roasts on the shelf were first week Jan. Not sure online if it's better,
Carvalo in Oakville is my usual stock but always looking for better. I drink coffee Daterra is decent. I've yet to try Reunion but not sure what to get. Not a lot out there.


#325: Post by JPenguin »

The Detour online orders are roasted to order or within a couple days. I have a subscription with them, it renews every other Monday and they're usually roasted Monday or Tuesday and then delivered via FedEx in the next day or two. When I have also ordered non-subscription then it was roasted to order, perhaps the exception is on their blends? I did start with their Punch Buggy blend very early on but have only had the single origins for the last 10-11 months.


#326: Post by Reefguy »

Ok, good to know.

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#327: Post by jknotzke »


I am in Montreal and I generally try to find local roasters. We have a ton of them now. One that I really like is I have been drinking Muramba Decaf. Decaf has improved greatly over the year. I drink it as an espresso. And TBH, this decaf tastes as good as some of the regular coffee I drink.

Anyhow, if you are in the Montreal region, curious which local coffees you have tried.

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#328: Post by Pino »

"Anyhow, if you are in the Montreal region, curious which local coffees you have tried."

Not Montreal but Quebec. See

I ordered the La Sève. Very distinctive. Easy to pull a shot on my machine. (Londinium R)

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#329: Post by mohninme »

Recently ordered some coffee from Twisted Goat coffee roasters in Kamloops, BC. They offer free shipping over $50 and have an easy to navigate website. I think they may have some connection with Eight Ounce Coffee in Calgary as some of their products link to the Eight Ounce website but that could just be me reading something that isn't there.

Well enough about that... how is the coffee. Both of their espresso blends would be close to a full city roast. I would classify them as comfort blends promising cocoa and/or vanilla notes. The Battle Bluff blend puts banana bread in the taste profile. Well if that doesn't want to make you order some!!! I found them easy to dial in and both deliver on the palate. Smooth, nice as an americano and great in milk. My wife who insists that her coffee taste like well.... coffee, gave it the nod this morning. My only complaint is no roast date on the bags.


#330: Post by VoidedTea »

Tried Day Tripper from ROSSO Coffee Roasters today and it was very good. The bag says filter but I tired it for espresso and found notes description very accurate, fruits, honey, and juiciness. Especially the juiciness was very surprising, it wasn't sourness, but precisely juiciness. Very refreshing, just wanted to sip more and more, especially on a hot, sunny day like today. Will be buying their other blends as they definitely caught my attention.