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If you are looking for a really great more traditional profile espresso I strongly suggest checking out Rabbit Hole Roasters Chocolate Berry Espresso blend. I generally prefer brighter espresso but this is really great. Not too heavy on the roast flavour in the shot, very distinct chocolate and berry taste.


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Hadn't seen these guys. Thanks for pointing it out. Expensive, but if it's better then that's fine.


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Into the second bag from Monogram. Still no response from them about brewing parameters. This is the Los Santo "Warmth" espresso. It's fine I guess. Not really getting anything distinct out of it. I've run it at 200F from 27-40 seconds at 18-18.5-19g in to 36-40g out. If I'm suppose to be tasting what's on the bag then I must be doing something wrong. It's not bad, it's just not really anything. Probably won't be going back to these guys any time soon.

Just ordered again from Detour. They had a code (FRIDAY13) for a discount on their single origin coffees. I ordered the Colombian and the Cosa Rican and another bag of the Punch Buggy. Second times a charm? At least these guys have brewing parameters. In fact they have an entire 1 sheet PDF for each coffee.

Social coffee's will be coming out of the freezer next.

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Has anyone tried the roasted coffee from Ace Coffee Roasters in Edmonton? Looking for feedback on the three espresso blend offerings (traditional Italian / modern / third wave.) Thanks in advance!


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I'm really hooked on Phil & Sebastian for pour over, I haven't found something I like better than what they are putting out. Analog is great for a change up and a bit darker coffee, they used to have a Kenya coffee that was amazing but it's been over a year since they had it available. The best roasters I've had are Phil & Sebastian and Tim Wendelboe, those are the two stand outs for me.

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Im going to shamelessly plug Prairie Lily Coffee Roasters In Lloyd.

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Shame on me for forgetting about Phil & Sebastian. Don't see them here too often in the East Coast.


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Working my way through some Social. The first bag was their Kenyan Ndimanini. When I emailed them about brewing parameters the answer was a bit odd. They claim all of their coffee's, including the SO, should be pulled with 18-18.5g in with 42-44g out in 25-27 seconds at 190-195F. That's a really fast shot. With the Kenyan I was all the way down to 190F at a 1:2.2 Ratio in 25-30 seconds and still didn't feel like I had anything really good. Just as I was going to try dialing it in for a slower more conventional shot and I ran out.

I'm just starting a bag of their Kenta from Papua New Guinea at the same kind of fast shot dial in. I'll report back once I have a few days of tasting in.

Phil & Sebastian is one of the best roasters I've tried so far. It'll probably be my next order. I'm starting to wonder about how these places store their greens. P&S suggest they freeze the greens. I wonder if that is one of the reasons they stand out?

Haven't tried Ace or Prairie Lily. Any specific coffees you've liked?

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Social Coffee has been a bit weird for me over the years; I ended up not buying from them anymore.

Despite their shot parameters, I was never able to pull anything off or get anything near remotely close to their taste profiles, despite experimenting on my own. I always keep thinking that it's just me, my (lack of) experience, and perhaps my equipment.

Even after visiting them in person, them pulling a shot on their La Marzocco (I forget which, not sure it matters now) and I'm still not feeling it. I don't know. Despite giving their coffees another chance, it never works for me. I'm not intentionally trying to be a difficult customer, but I always end up putting myself down when I try their coffees. It's a no-go for me with Social.

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PIXIllate wrote:They claim all of their coffee's, including the SO, should be pulled with 18-18.5g in with 42-44g out in 25-27 seconds at 190-195F.
My guess is that recipe could come from under-dosing a VST 20g basket. (Places use the 20g as the VST 20g was the basket used in World Barista Championship competition from 2012 - 2019.)
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