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#1: Post by vze26m98 »

I saw a blurb for this in the Italian coffee trades:
Discover specialty coffee cafes and coffee roasters from all over Italy. Buy specialty coffee online directly from Italian roasters or visit a specialty coffee shop for a fresh brew.
Has anyone tried them? I suppose I will at some point; happy to report here when I do.

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#2: Post by LVD »

I've been to Melaleuca and Ditta Aritgianale, which are listed in the Florence section. I can't offer much details, other than I remember enjoying the coffee from both places. I'm pretty sure Melaleuca was serving coffee from D612, which is also mentioned in that section. That's just going from memory from almost 1.5 years ago.

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#3: Post by coffeechan »

You might check out the Kafatek forum for some discussion on Gardelli coffee. Their prices are a bit high. I'm unsure if anybody else has ordered from any of the other roasters.