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I have been drinking the Primavera blend for about a week now and I have been really enjoying it, perhaps even a tad more than I enjoyed the Autunno beans (still have the Inverno bag in the back of the freezer). I have been dosing 16g in an 18g-VST basket and pulling 32g (~1.75 volumetric oz) in 27 seconds, but I've found it fairly forgiving of the shot time as long as I stay between 22 and 30 secs.

In my impression, the Primavera beans look a little bit more developed than the Autunno and less developed than the Estate, but I don't get any roasty notes with the parameters I have settled on. For me, a pleasantly sweet, low acidity straight shot. The sweet cocoa note and hint of fruit also come through deliciously in cappuccinos and cortados.

Looking forward to trying the Inverno blend sometime next week.

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JohnB. wrote:Give the Autunno a good 7 days before freezing it. Ordered another 5 lb today. The last batch went in the freezer in late January & was still fine when I finished it off yesterday.
It would seem that the Autunno blend has changed abit since that batch I bought back in January. Current blend, roasted 5/24, requires a much finer grind setting & a lower brew temp then the last 2 times I bought it. Whereas the older blend had a nice berry finish pulled in the 202*-203* range the current blend is mostly caramel/nut at those temps. Ended up down to 198* to get a nice fruit/caramel straight shot. Also I'm not noticing the caffeine as much with the current version so maybe less Robusta or maybe just a different one??

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JohnB. wrote:.......Current blend, roasted 5/24, requires a much finer grind setting ....
Autunno, so far, is the coffee that requires the finest setting of all coffees that I have tried from any brand in the past two years. I don't think it's a negative, but I was surprised of how low I had to go with my settings. Initially I thought there was something wrong with the grinder. But then I changed grinder and I had to do the same thing. I will receive my second batch next week and I'm curious to see if it changes.
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I have been drinking the new batch and I have not seen perceivable difference betweens this one and the previous one. I should receive 5 more pounds next week.
I have tried Autunno with pour over. As well in this case I had to go finer than with any other coffee I have tried so far. I like it though. A simple, straight, good cup of coffee :D .
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Not only is BG coffee great, their baristas know how to pull shots. I dont recall a single time that I didnt enjoy their iced americanos, no matter which barista was there at the time. I can think of only one other cafe in the area with such consistency.