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#81: Post by ShotClock »

I've been roasting the Basha Bekele from Showroom, found it to be very nice with a strong-ish cherry note, maybe some berries and a bit of citrus too, very pleasant. I've also noticed the new crop from Kossa Geshe coming in, haven't tried any yet though.

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#82: Post by daggerNC »

"Where have all the fruit bombs gone? Long time passing.."

I did get the Ethiopia Gera Anaerobic from Relampago, and it actually tastes of Strawberries & Cream like the label says! Rare these days!! The aroma is even stronger on the strawberries than the taste. Not quite a strawberry bomb, but the closest I've had in a LONG time. But, I'm still going hunting for something blueberry...

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#83: Post by walr00s »

Just bought a bag from Bean Coffee Lab, which seems to be you. Cool. Is there some other place where roasters advertise beans based on flavor? I generally have to search roaster or origin and then pick through their site to find naturals that seem to match what I'm looking for.

I also have a bag of Ethiopia Gera Anaerobic coming from Brandywine. Looking forward to both.

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#84: Post by antopoftheworld replying to walr00s »

Thanks for the support! I'd love to know as well - maybe there's a compilation based on notes sitting somewhere that someone keeps track of?

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#85: Post by BaristaBob »

Well, I tried Verve Sermon once again...nope, no blueberry! It is there in aroma for sure, but I could never find it in the cup. I tried every combo imaginable to extract this coffee, from ristretto to lingo, to turbo. Big zero, this blend is far from the bag description.
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Probably over a year ago, I got that blend & it was blueberries in the cup--even my husband (when asked) what he "tasted"--said 'blueberries'. As the bag wore on, a little less, but still.....My issues was all the shells & broken bean bits in about 1/4 of the bag on the bottom. Since the company could never tell why this happened despite going back & forth with pictures I took, never ordered again. They did reimburse me which was kind.

As far as the blueberry flavor going 'bye-bye', that's too bad.

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#87: Post by daggerNC »

Happy 2024 everyone! We need to continue to talk about berry bombs in 2024!! Hoping some will discover a few really good ones this year..

Recently tried the Ethiopia Sidamo (!!!!!) and the Ethiopia Yerg Dumerso. Late 2020/early 2021 was their Sidamo strawberry bomb, soooo, nothing but meh for both of them. No blackberry in the Dumerso. Tried a couple other roasters, and no luck there either. Going back for some Relampago Ethiopia Gera (hopefully still has the strawberry cream notes) and going to try their Columbia Aponte which looks interesting (but no berry notes - papaya and sweet). Almost ordered some Stone Street Ethiopia, but got a great reply from them saying their Sidamo to him had the most berry flavor but their our of stock... Was looking at maybe some Black&White offerings, but their prices keep going up and up :-(

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#88: Post by bznelson91 »

Has anyone mentioned Prodigal La Mina? Great blackberry notes...


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#89: Post by Chert »

Hber SAS roasted and gave me an Ethiopian natural, a smidge that I was going to use during a trip. I ended up grinding the beans in my rented room and giving the grinds to a nurse at the hospital where I was visiting. She brewed in their Bunn type batch brew gave me 16 ounces and had some ( which she really liked). I shared my afternoon cup thus derived with two there who were also visiting in that hospital. WOW! blueberry! First coffee I've had that sang with blueberry in years. So i know the flavor can be in the cup. LOL more specifics of that bean I don't know
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#90: Post by ziggomatic »

I would absolutely recommend trying B&W's Chocolate Covered Strawberry blend, it should be an absolute fruit bomb.

I'm waiting for my shipment to arrive soon but if its anything like last year's version (very likely will be), it was one of my all time favorite fruit bomb coffees. ... rawberries