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Unfortunately it is gone now, but this was AMAZING: ... no-delagua


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cmin wrote:I don't know if I would say Berry "bomb", it's been a long time since I've had a true bomb, not even Dragonfly though the Esmeralda mentioned above is great, or B&W etc at least not how used to be, feel like Ethiopians crops in recent years nosedived in quality. I even had some insane bombs a few years ago from Happy Mug of all places, like mind blowing good to where even milk drinks tasted like a blueberry sucker punch and ever ly bag after a couple orders have pretty much sucked and not a fraction near what used to be, stopped ordering from them after multiple fairly bad bags.

But the one offering I've always found well rounded and solid, pretty consistent, is Vessel from Eote.
My exact sentiments - two years ago I had the best fruit-bomb coffees I've EVER had from Happy Mug - their Harrar (blueberry) then Sidamo (strawberry) and one bag of an espresso blend back then (chocolate covered strawberries)!!! I still order from them off and on and nothing but what I call generic (some chocolate and nut notes, etc). I've tried a number of other roasters and not one single fruit bomb. Just ordered some Guji from Klatch and what a huge letdown - nothing like their description so I'm done with ever ordering from them again...

I guess I will try the Vessel from Eote next.


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I will probably never order from Klatch again after that anaerobic Guji they had last year that was pry the worse coffee very had. PTSD level bad, sh!t taste like fermented wine that went bad along with coffee noted that went bad as well if that makes sense. Thought might be me but nope, others said same on here lol. I can't even explain how bad that coffee was. You can read some of our post over a couple pages here :
What's WOWing you right now (coffees, roasters)

But yeah I had incredible berry bombs from Happy Mug that destroyed anything ever from basically any natural offering from Onyx, Black and White etc.
Like not even close. And also never again, bags after tasted like generic crap. They even replaced bags for me thinking maybe I got a bad/off roast, nope. Sucks b/c I had a number of bags that were straight grail worthy.

Vessel is solid all around. I'm pulling Partner right now. Their Bedford was mehhh. Block Party is ok, their summer blend, it smells great especially grinding on HG1 Prime, but I don't really get the fruit notes much whether espresso or V60/Switch. Have their Columbia El Ramo next so we'll see. I did get some nice fruit notes like the first day or two with Block Party than it just went poof, like hardly a hint and more like a generic light roast.

But in general over like the last 4 years or so I'm not sure what happened with crops but Ethiopians etc just aren't even half as good as they used to be. I used to get so many that even in milk drinks made them taste like blueberry or strawberry or blackberry milk shakes with milk. I don't think I've ever had anything like that in years. Of if I do get one with decent notes it's like the notes disappear in 2 days

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Alright, it's time for someone to say they have a berry bomb that is still able to be purchased. We need to pull together as a team people!

I have learned from this hunt that the same coffee from the same farm year-to-year varies dramatically in taste.
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Any recommendation for blueberry decaf espresso beans?


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bostonbuzz wrote:Alright, it's time for someone to say they have a berry bomb that is still able to be purchased. We need to pull together as a team people!

I have learned from this hunt that the same coffee from the same farm year-to-year varies dramatically in taste.
I just saw that Cimarron Coffee Roasters has an Ethiopia Goro Muda described as "strawberry, milk chocolate, peach"...sounds great! But I am so gunshy right now having spent hundreds of $$ for the past 12+ months on coffees promising a strong berry forward taste only to be totally disappointed, that I'm not sure I want to try again. So I've got three carts open: 1- Happymug Ethiopia @ $28 2lb delivered!, 2- Cimarron 1K for $48, and 3- Six Depot Coffee with 2x12oz bags of Ethiopia Amaro Gayo for $40 delivered. You guys decide :D

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I "feel" your pain. It seems like a year or more ago, there was more fruit forward that stuck with the blend for more than a couple days without totally disappearing. That seemed to be what happened to me anyway. I only care for blueberry, cherry & maybe blackberry notes. Citrus gets too sour & acidic no matter what I do. I have been watching this because honestly I started to think maybe when I had a moderate case of Covid August of 2022 that it did something to my sense of smell cuz coffee seemed to taste blander to me. Yet, food is completely normal with what I smell, and I have had blends of espresso that was wonderful to my sense of smell even with fruit. Yet as time goes on, it's more and more difficult to find anything that used to be WOW & now is MEH. I thought it was me.


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FWIW, I've also had this experience. No Covid (that I noticed) and my sense of taste for other foods and beverages hasn't changed. But I've been increasingly disappointed in my coffee. I've actually wondered recently if at some point I'll just give up on it entirely. Earlier in my life I didn't drink coffee on a regular basis. I could return to that mode.

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I ran into a guy that works with/for an importer that supplies US roasters. He said there's a blueberry muffin bean that I should keep my eye out for. It's not out yet apparently but coming up. It's a Kenyan natural from Kagunyu and Rukira.
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I'm in the same situation with being disappointed in finding any of the blueberry bombs that I had known in the past.
I had been out of the coffee scene for about 12 years and have recently stepped back in with updated equipment.
I also wondered about my sense of smell and taste as I too experienced at least some short-term loss of smell and taste due to COVID a couple years back. I'm also 12 years older so I don't know how much to attribute to those two factors or and the general lack of coffee selection.