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If freezing isn't an option then you might just have to accept that your overall cost will be somewhat higher.

The roasters I've been ordering from recently have no option for so-called free shipping. But the charge and shipping type/speed is affected by how much coffee I order. So it's still a game. I don't always order exactly what I want because there is a cost for getting it from there to here.

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It's only the beginning, beans for sale now were harvested and transported prior to the surge in energy prices. Habits will have to change as prices continue to increase and exporting countries start to export less and less. Stockpiling greens and freezing beans are two ways to keep costs down for a time.


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I use to jar my coffees and then freeze. I've been drinking a bunch of Saka and actually have just been using it out of the bags straight from the freezer with absolutely 0 issues. I just roll the top of the bag, clamp, and back in the freezer. I pull the bag out for each dose I grind and then back in the freezer it goes. I don't see myself ever jarring coffee again. This allows me to let it rest to my preference and then maintain that exact level of freshness for the entire duration of the bag if I desire to.

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Interesting, I will have to try freezing in the bag. Didn't for two reasons, some here spoke against it, and from seeing what happens when I take my camera outside on a hot day after being in an air conditioned room, instant wet camera if it is humid.


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FWIW... I buy in large quantities and freeze what I won't be using for a while in vacuum sealed bags. For daily use, I keep about a week's worth stored in vacuum canisters.


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I vacuum sealed mine. I measured out 1 week's worth of beans for each bag. Never had issue.

I just finished Work Chelbesa Anaerobic. It was exceptional. I am drinking Guava Banana now, not my favorite. I think I need to dial it in more.


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Thanks to those of you who have recommended B&W. Tried Classic this week.Let it sit for a week after roast.
15 gms in 30 out over 30 sec La Pavoni as Cappuccino...EXCELLENT! top 5 for me this last 2 years.

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Quick shout out to any Denver folks re B&W shipping time. I ordered 2 lbs of the Cafe de Alta in the wee morning hours around 1:00 am NC time on Thursday 6/16. It arrived in Denver today, Saturday 6/18 with a 6/16 roast date. I have had the two day post roast arrival several times before. Longest has been ~ 5 days post roast across a holiday weekend. Ships via USPS. Have been drinking the El Vergel Guava Banana as pour over using my Lido 2 Italmill burr grinder with the Origami/ Kalita 185 filter - love it. Anxious to try the Cafe de Alta now.


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Anxious to try the Cafe de Alta now.
Literally finished a small bag of Cafe de Alta about an hour ago. Loved it.

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Wonder how much of a difference there is between this one & their Classic. I really enjoy their Classic. I'm not always great with picking out notes, but Classic also has milk chocolate, cherries, but black cherries, not red cherries. & caramel. Cafe de Alta has milk chocolate, red cherries & brown sugar.