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chanty 77

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Now I'm loving the Traditional. What I believe did it was lowering the temp. down from 203° to 200°. It got rid of all of the smoky/ashiness & is just a mellow deep (maybe dark chocolate?). All I know is it was delicious the last number of days. This will be a staple with the Classic. YUM


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Glad to hear it. I've been enjoying the Traditional, or at least as often as my stomach will allow, and have been getting some nice berry/cherry notes as well. It makes a nice cappuccino too.

Have also really enjoyed the Gamatui from Uganda.
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I've been really enjoying the holiday blend as a pour over. Having loved the cinnamon process Costa Rica earlier in the year, I was stoked to have a cinnamon process coffee included in the blend. I think it would make a great cappuccino as well as it's not super lightly roasted. I may have to order another bag for espresso. A lot of "holiday blends" can most certainly just be marketing... That being said, I think this one is well worth checking out.


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I've been brewing their worka chelbesa hydro and anarobic as filter and spro. While both are excellent the hydro is outstanding. For Spro I'm using 18g in 45 out both as a "Australian"style espresso (using a decent de1). Or as a turbo shot both are excellent smooth and peachy without being bitter.

chanty 77

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I've tried the Classic & Traditional. Enjoy both very much. I ended up turning the temp down to 200° for the Traditional & that mellowed it out to being really tasty. I found on the Traditional, it the temp. was higher, it was more bitter/ashy tasting. Can anyone recommend any of B&W's other blends that would shine in a milk drink (only drink cappuccinos)? Thanks.


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I haven't seen it recently but their cinnamon processed Costa Rican was great under milk.


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I bought some oat milk purely to make cappuccinos with the Holiday Blend, absolutely worth it. The cinnamon and mulled wine notes still came through really nicely. I can't remember the last time I made a milk drink but will probably be drinking the rest of this bean this way.

chanty 77

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I'm trying to understand the flavors. Would the mulled wine notes give it a spicy--but yet somewhat sour flavor? Thanks.


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I didn't get much sourness on espresso but got a bit of sour notes depending on how I brewed it, some on V60 and on regular flat bottoms. Tricolate was probably my favorite, where it was more of the spices and cinnamon.


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I'm also really enjoying the Holiday Blend as a capp. I pull a 1:1 shot for the milk drink. I've gone through 2 bags now.