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95C has worked for me.


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Has anyone on this thread tried the Pablo Guerrero Natural Gesha, and if so, have you used it for espresso or only pour over?
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I have only pulled it for espresso on my Bianca and MAX. It's a nice coffee and reasonably priced for its quality. Not quite up there with the Mauricio Shattah black labal from the spring but still very good and lower price. The only thing I would caution is they list it as light roast but I would consider it more medium light. It does pull very easily for espresso though.


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Thanks for the heads up! I would have started much finer than I did. Wow, so much sweetness and quite juicy!
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Anyone notice that The Future blend is no longer on the site? I wonder if they discontinued it temporarily or entirely?

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It's coming back after the holidays. I asked Daniel Moore of B&W weeks ago and he said they had to make room for the holiday roasts.

I am looking forward to trying it when it comes back.

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I opened up the Traditional a couple days ago (2nd time buying this one). B&W has wonderful roasts, but I think it's a little too "ashy, dark" for me at this point in my life. There was a time I drank nothing but this type of roast. I don't like the light roasts because I can only handle too much citrusy acidicness. I find I really, really enjoy the Classic from B&W. My problem is I like trying different blends. Almost like food where I love lasagna but would get bored if I had it every day of the week. Any other B&W blend that would not be light roasted, similar to Classic, but not exactly like Classic you would recommend? Thanks.

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Hi Chanty,

I finished a bag of traditional a week or so ago. I started out with a 1:2 ratio, so for my dose of 17g of grinds I went for 34g's in the cup. Then I tried it at 1:1.4, so for my 17g dose I went for 24g's. It was delicious and thicker than what I was getting at 1:2.

Give it a try to see if you like it. Use your normal dose, multiply it by 1.4, grind the beans finer to get your normal timing for the 1:1.4 shot.


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I have been putting 17g in, 28-30 grams out, temp. at 203°. Maybe I should put it down to 202°. Grind is pretty fine for the B&W blends I've tried. I may sound really dumb here, but the only time I actually weigh my output is just a here & there thing to see what my ballpark weight is with the 25-30 seconds before shutting off the flow. When I have weighed the output, it is anywhere from 28g to about 34g. When I multiply my dose by 1.4, get 23.8 which is very close to the 25g I use with most blends. I was just hoping there would be another blend other than Classic (which I really like a lot). Thanks!


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Stopped in a shop that I passed while driving today and they happened to be selling Black and White. I picked up the Holiday Blend even though that isn't typically my preference because its one of the most interesting blends that I've seen in a while. I've been craving a Pink Bourbon and I've never had any of the cinnamon anaerobic process coffees yet. Excited to try in a few days once its a few more days off roast. Was very happy with the Gesha natural I got from them a month or so ago so hoping for more of the same quality.