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#321: Post by mgallagh »

95C has worked for me.


#322: Post by italianfiddle »

Has anyone on this thread tried the Pablo Guerrero Natural Gesha, and if so, have you used it for espresso or only pour over?
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#323: Post by dak » replying to italianfiddle »

I have only pulled it for espresso on my Bianca and MAX. It's a nice coffee and reasonably priced for its quality. Not quite up there with the Mauricio Shattah black labal from the spring but still very good and lower price. The only thing I would caution is they list it as light roast but I would consider it more medium light. It does pull very easily for espresso though.


#324: Post by italianfiddle »

Thanks for the heads up! I would have started much finer than I did. Wow, so much sweetness and quite juicy!
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