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I'll say maybe just once more..
Not all roasts were designed/roasted for espresso. My experience was the Classic was a VERY sweet tasting Kalita...and the Natural a very good pour-over but exceptional espresso...puled on a older Alex Duetto V2.
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Finally gave The Classic a shot with pourover. It's a very..... basic coffee. Nothing stands out particularly. It's just a pretty inoffensive cup that's neither particularly interesting nor bad. I'm sure it holds up well to milk too as they note.
This is for sure the least impressive blend they offer (incl the decaf!). If I had to rank them:
1. The Future
2. The Natural
3. The Original
4. Decaf
5. The Classic

I may take a break from B&W for a moment but they have some really fun sounding new SOs in stock I need to explore!


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You guys must be way pickier than me! I had Classic dialed in first try today, I prefer my espresso a bit longer and I think it favors most modern beans. 17.5g in and roughly 45g out in 31 seconds. Was perfectly delicious and simple. Just a great cup of espresso. Definitely chocolately, not overly sweet but also not acidic or bitter, and I can see where they point out black cherry. Just solid and good. Rotating this with the natural would be a good change rotation.

I really enjoyed it! After finishing up some Malabar gold, happy mugs Bigfoot, and Stumptown Hair Bender, this fit right in the mix. I liked it a lot actually!


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I ran into a donut shop by one of my businesses the other day and picked up a few cups of B&W's Eduardo Campos. It was a little low on the extraction, basically only displaying the strawberry note and nice sweetness. It was good enough that I went ahead and picked some beans up, dialed it in as espresso, and blew my mind.

The cinnamon note is pretty easy to find, and you can get some nice fruit balance. It presents nice clarity and is developed just enough to be easy to work with. I haven't dialed in as immersion or perc, but given my experience with many other coffees and the drip cup I tasted I'd guess it would be very good. It's not overly bright even when not at a super high extraction level.

I'd highly recommend it; this is one of the 5 best espressos I've had this year.


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Good to know, thanks.
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K7 wrote:I just got a bag of the Original (medium, washed Ethiopian) and have been trying to dial in for espresso/Americano without much success so far with about half dozen shots. Totally opposite of Wally above, I'm actually getting quite salty and sour taste. :lol: I guess I should will try lower dose and finer grind? Still learning this craft...

Interestingly, I tried Aeropress-Americano this afternoon just to compare and found it to be very delicious with all the tasting notes they mention (I think). Very flavorful with no bitterness or sourness at all. Would be cool if I can pull a real Americano with this which is my favorite coffee drink. Looking forward to more pulls tomorrow...
I had given up on the Original for espresso two weeks ago, but boy was I wrong!

I ran out of other beans today so I went back to the Original I had kept in a jar at room temperature (To be precise: 7 days in unopened bag, 6 days in jar+freezer, and then 14 days in room temp jar). I pulled two shots and both came out really great! Made very satisfying Americanos out of them with all flavor notes (citrus, honey, chocolate) very clear. I don't know if it's my improving technique or the additional resting period, but these beans rock! :D


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You inspired me. Just bought a 2lb bag of The Original for when my Classic bag runs out. Purchased a tad on the early side but should be fine since you seem to have had the best results after a long testing period. I usually wait at minimum 7 days.