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I haven't had a problem with too fresh causing gushers, but that's just me.
Could you be grinding too finely causing channeling and gushing instead of an even extraction? Hows your extraction pattern look (if you have a bottomless pf)


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B&W coffees typically taste better at around the 7-10 day mark.

goalerjones (original poster)

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Roasting date 11-17-22, no bottomless portafilter, pucks are currently very wet compared to the Doma coffees I was previously using, no obvious channeling noted upon exam after extraction.

As for freezing, all my coffees stay in the freezer and that's been my MO for the last 5 years, so I'm accustomed to the nature of the coffees when grinding.

When getting too fast of an extraction my answer has typically been to grind finer, then next I'll try boosting the amount of coffee, and if all else fails, pack the coffee as tight as I can before extraction. My typical tamping pressure is very light upon the ground coffee, no distribution tools.

In my experience, if I were to leave the beans out at room temp, they'd only get worse once ground.


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I'm pulling the Classic now, roasted 11/14 and kept in an Airscape as I finished up another bag. I definitely notice B&W beans like a good bit of time post roast to get the best pulls and flavor.

Using a BDB and DF64 with v1 Lab Sweets, prep is WDT, Force Tamp, & Flair 58.5 puck screen. I'm just under 2 tics from touch and getting tasty 2:1 shots in about 30seconds. Maybe experiment some with letting the ground coffee sit for a minute or two and see how it impacts the extraction

goalerjones (original poster)

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Tried letting the ground coffee sit for a little bit before extracting. Made it worse. Now 18gms runs thru in 13 seconds. I think one of 2 things has happened here, either this is just a bad batch, which I've had happen with other roasters, or this coffee just isn't going to work with my setup.

I'll just gift this bag to a friend who does pourovers and I'll pick up some local coffee from Revolution Roasters. I've had a few bags take this long to work out before, but I'm tired of all the sink shots.


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The only other thing I could think is if you're using preinfusion or going straight to full pressure? I noticed on the BDB that preinfusion on the classic was making my shots worse and run way too fast once up to 9bar

goalerjones (original poster)

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No preinfusion on the Vetrano... full pressure.


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I'm stumped! Hopefully it doesn't sour you on B&W altogether, they're probably my favorite specialty roaster :)


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I will add that I am also breaking into a 2lb bag of the classic (roasted two weeks ago) and this current variation of the blend is much more nutty than previous Iterations. It is chocolate, nutty and fairly sweet. Pulled 18.5g in/ 35g out in 30 seconds. Low pressure preinfusion for 7 seconds, before ramping to 8 bar.
I tried it like a week off roast, and it was not quite ready. Definitely benefitted from resting the extra week.