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Postby Technobuyer » Apr 17, 2019, 10:05 am

I'm glad this got bumped to the top. I value great customer service as much, and probably more, than the product itself. They just got added to my Coffee Queue of places I'm going to try soon. :)

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Postby pGolay » Today, 12:13 am

Cafe Lusso is semi-local to me and I've been meaning to get over there and get some for quite a while - I'm over that way on my bike fairly often on weekends, when they are closed... today I had a day off and some time so I rolled over there on the rain bike and bought a bag of Lion's Share. Very cool place; A-1 people - I can confirm others' accounts of good service. There was some kind of glitch in their payment system and, well, they made sure I came out ahead and not them... I'll try the coffee this weekend, I'm looking forward to it.