Best way to store coffee?

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Can you all please share your best method for keeping coffee fresh long term?
Is it freezer or fridge? Or ???

I do have a vacuum sealer.

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i use an airtight glass storage container stored on the counter..


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How long can beans stay fresh ?

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I try to keep 2 different beans on hand so I'm not married to just one coffee. I keep 6 oz of coffee in air tight containers. I freeze 6oz and leave 6 oz at a time. So I'm freezing for about 1 week to 10 days. I also use silica gel packets layered in the containers to combat any small amount of moisture that may build up during the defrost.

I use these containers. The lids have a button that purges air out as the lid slides into place creating a vacume seal.


This works fine for me. I can't tell the beans were ever frozen. It's very difficult to keep enough beans on hand and not freeze. Frozen beans are better than having to resort to 2 month old supermarket beans if you run out.

Now if you roast your own or have a local roaster who's coffee is you're every day go to, no need to worry.


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Would a glass jar work the same?

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Once the beans are roasted they are in a state of off gassing their CO2. They need to be in an air tight container. Moisture, day light and extreme heat will also cause premature aging. Some say extreme cold as well.

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James Hoffmann has a video on should you freeze coffee.

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Deep freeze my beans in vacuum sealed bags, I've been doing this for years...its not as ideal as fresh beans, but much better than unfrozen beans left out. I've used frozen beans weeks out and not noticed any massive difference in how they taste.

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+1 for vac seal and freeze, especially if you are buying in bulk. Otherwise, airtight glass on a countertop is the way to go.