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My experience says degas comes to a stop close to 48hrs. Every time I vac sealed beans before degas was finished the bags lost vacuum.


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The term "degassed" gets used loosely in the coffee world. Roasted whole bean coffee continues to degas for a long time. For weeks. What people mean by degassed is that the initial higher rate of degassing has completed and, along with that, a substantial portion of the CO2 has evolved. At that point it's not as easy to detect. For example, in a vacuum sealed bag you could have significant CO2 released but not enough to bring the bag back to atmospheric pressure. So it would look the same as if no CO2 were emitted.

The rate of degassing and the total amount of CO2 depends on the degree of roast and details of the roasting process. Lighter roasted coffee has less total CO2 than darker roast.


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Interesting. Thanks!

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I know this thread has become as stale as that neglected bag of pre-ground dark roast with no roast date someone discarded behind the Raisin Bran on the WalMart store shelf. But, I only log in every once every few weeks. I enjoyed catching up.

Freezing is indeed the correct practice, but the virtues of freezing get obscured when combined with bad practices like returning the container to the freezer multiple times. I posted a link from Hula Daddy once in another thread on this topic, that I consider the final word on freezing. But don't take my word for it because I know just enough to be dangerous.

I forget how many 16-oz jars I get with a 5-lb bag, something like 10-12 jars. About 3-4 weeks of coffee for me and the wife.

8 oz container seems fine too, but I blow through 16 oz jar quickly enough that it's the most practical size for me.


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I'm using mason jar. It is the cheapest and the bean stays fresh.
I hope this helps.