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The hunt for best Italian roasted coffee beans

The best of the classic Italian blends and roasts are somehow different than second-wave and later coffees. They seem to have a shelf life (sealed in original packaging) measured in months rather than weeks. Some do tend to fade quickly once opened, so the magic isn't complete.

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Was having trouble finding the thread.

Thanks very much.

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How is Illy? I'm asking because I genuinely don't know. But I heard they use nitrogen in their cans to try to keep freshness. Possibly this is a choice.
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Fake Coffee Nerd wrote:Thanks for the suggestions. Does the Cinquestelle have a roast date on the bag? If so, how far off the roast date did you receive yours?
It has a "best by" date on it which is supposedly two years after the roast date. I ordered a kilo one time from amazon and if the 2yrs theory is correct then my bag was about 9 months old. I didn't have the best experience with it, ultimately tossing the majority into the compost bin. I've had a little better luck with a couple of kilos of Lavazza Super Crema, each 7-9 months old. That coffee was okay once I'd figured out how to pull it best. I don't dream about it though.

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If you have access to Nossa Familia beans (Portland, OR) try some "Full Cycle" for espresso. I know they sell it at Whole Foods.

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I purchased a 1 kg bag off Amazon and it was 9 months post roast. I thought it was fine and I preferred to the Lavazza Super Crema even stuff I got which was 2 months post roast.
As others have mentioned once you open the bag the coffee may start to age. I generally freeze 2/3 and don't notice a big change while using up.
Depending where you live it is typical for supermarkets to carry a specialty roaster brand though it won't be as fresh as ordering directly. Example Supermarkets close to me carry counter culture beans. Generally what you find on the shelf will be 4-6 weeks post roast. Cost is about 25% less than ordering direct from counter culture.

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Illy ages quickly after the can is opened. Freezing works to give you longer. Illy is at least as expensive per pound as many US specialty roasters.
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