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I am interested on trying Panama Blue Mountain and Geisha coffees. How do I determine where best to order it? Online searches returns all kinds of sales with a huge range of prices and varieties.....
any advice would be appreciated

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"Best" is too vague. Do you mean the top auction lots? Prepare to spend, and then some, if you're lucky to snag it. Do you mean excellent examples of those coffees at more affordable prices? There are many fine sellers of green coffees.

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If you want to see good sources, I suggest that you start the other way around, with coffees people are really liking now. Two great threads to watch are:

Greens Alert

Green Coffee Exchange

The specific coffees you're seeking can also be found by using the Search function in the Coffee Roasting forum or in the two threads just linked above. That will bring up recent instances of those coffees and their sources. Blue Mountain hasn't gotten a lot of play here. Geshas can vary. There are a lot more exciting greens being sourced, too, and freshness is key.

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archetype coffee roasters( is one of the best geisha roasters imo.