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TomC wrote:If you're mainly bargain shopping and still want fresh roasted coffee (but willing to forgo the subscription service), people often recommend Niccoletti. I've never tried it myself. ... 3604448627
Aldo's espresso blend is wonderful- it's a traditional espresso with chocolate, nuts etc and always shipped fresh. We've been drinking it for about 2 years now.

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The best deal I've found from a quality/ratio is a subscription to Counter Culture's blends (they call them "year round offerings"). They normally cost about $15-16 for a 12oz bag, which is already a pretty good deal. They list all the components of the blends, and the individual coffees often sell for $18-20, and overall they seem to do a really good job at targeting a taste profile without having it be the same exact thing month after month.

For subscriptions it's 10% off, and cheaper shipping too, which typically comes out to around $15/bag if you order a couple at once. That's what I'll do, and just freeze the extra until I need it.

I will say that their website for managing subscriptions can be a little clunky, and is often shockingly slow, but overall I don't think I can beat the quality of the coffee for the price. Especially if you like a little variety in a subscription.


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Dano83 wrote:I'm kind of getting tired of spending $20 or more for a 12oz bag every week. Ive tried multiple different companies but it seems like they are all around $20 or more shipped to Missouri. I'm looking for any medium roast espresso blend that I can get delivered for $15 or less. Black rifle coffee has good prices but their espresso blend is way too dark. Does anybody have any recommendations?
Have you checked out Kaldi's? Their HQ is St. Louis if you don't mind a walk-in option.

I went to several of their public cuppings. IME their single origin coffee's were mighty tasty. Wouldn't be surprised if they weren't $20 per 12 though. I bet they have other options.

I'm a fan of Counter Culture's espresso and also like PT's John Brown blend. Both are medium roasts that punch through milk and solid for plain shots.

I've heard about Redbird and Blue Jaguar in the 5lb bags as being tasty, affordable options. Those sizes keep per LB costs down. Folks say they freeze the extra successfully but I've got no comment on that.


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If freezing is t your thing, check out Counter Culture sub. It's an outstanding value. Great coffees for 2x12oz for 33
I drink two shots before I drink two shots, then I drink two more....


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Bump on this. Middle road on pricing, but higher on the quality of bean/roast side.


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I'd recommend checking out Flight Coffee out of Dover/Bedford NH. Fresh Roasted Very High Quality Coffee. The Subscription is a variety but overall I found hardly any of their varieties dark roasted. The 3 and 6 month weekly subscriptions are the best deal. $138 for the 3 month plus a one time $6 shipping fee and $266 for the 6 month plus a one time $6 shipping fee.


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Loving the 603! I grew up in Bedford, but moved to Raleigh, NC before becoming big into coffee.

I went to Flight earlier this year on a visit to NH. Simply put all great coffee. If you by chance are in the area, you can go in and do a free guided tasting anytime. Didn't know they have a subscription, I'll check it out

Related to Counter Culture subscription, that's mainly what I drink. Maybe I'm lucky being in a good area, but I get it roasted within a few days for $10/bag. Either Whole Foods, local stores, etc. Similar for Larry's Coffee (more local to just Raleigh)