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Who roasts the best coffee ever ? (Excluding your own roast, and your local roasters who do not sell online). I've been using the same company for several years and want to check if I am missing something in my life.


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Best coffee ever is REALLY subjective. There are a ton of great roasters out there that are putting out fantastic beans. But if you're looking for suggestions I can give you some Philly area recs for sure.

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Medium or Dark or ?

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That's very subjective! If you want to turn this thread into favorite roasters, these are mine:

* Methodical
* Seattle Coffee Works

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Find out for yourself by experimenting.
I use a couple of coffee subscription services:

In addition, I order from a variety of other roasters that I hear about. For example, over the last couple of months, my favorite coffees have been from:
Mother Tongue - just about any coffee they (she) has
Little Giant - Colombia Finca Santa Maria
Steady State - everything I've tried was outstanding, currently drinking Rumukia
Proud Mary - Finishing up some Wush Wush and have loved every other coffee I've tried.
Peixoto - everything I've tried so far is excellent.

FYI - I tend to like light to medium roasts. I tend to like jammy, fruity, chocolate, nutty, funky flavors.

Not all coffee out there is great. On average I think most coffee is average or below. You have to really try a lot of different coffees to find the stuff that really shines, based on your favorite flavor profiles.
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This small plantation in Kona has the best coffee.


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