Best of the best roasters who are pushing boundaries - with easy delivery to the UK

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Can anyone recommend the best of the best roasters who provide easy shipping to the UK.

I drink light roast pretty much exclusively, I drink fruit bombs the most, but love an occasional floral, my big love is naturals though!

I'm looking for roasters who are at the top of their game currently - not too worried about price or value, just great coffee

I've bought from Tim Wendelboe before and love his style of coffee and plan to buy more, but I'd also like to be able to order from other great roasters who are pushing the boundaries in the same/similar vain as Tim so I have a wider choice.

I've read great things about George Howell, but not sure how effortless/practical it is to order from the USA for delivery to the UK - long shipping times? messing around with import tax?? etc. is it a workable option?

I'm looking for non-UK roasters, I've done the usual UK roasters to death and will continue to buy from them, however I find the availability of what I like to drink at times a bit limited.

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just checked these out and they all look great thanks, bang on the money, will have to give each a try!

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#4: Post by Jeff »

I'd add Manhattan to the list. They've got a great range including some "experimental" fermentations that are tasty, rather than just, well, uh, fermented, like nuoc mam. Generally lighter than Tim Wendelboe.

Mood Trap (Prady) is very light and very hard to catch when they roast.

Apollon's Gold is worth watching, having supplied very light, well developed roasts in the past. They've got a new roaster and the roasts from a month ago are darker than some expected. To be clear, this is "dark, like Tim Wendelboe" not dark like classic Italian roasts.

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If price is truly of no concern, Big Shoulders Coffee has some excellent and unique coffees that fit your fruit bomb qualifications: ... -anaerobic

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Great thanks both, will add them to the list

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Jeff wrote:Mood Trap (Prady) is very light and very hard to catch when they roast.
Any suggestions on how to get some beans from them? I've been watching them for months and haven't caught them in stock once. Do they have a restock schedule?

I've heard some people have a bot set up for notifications, but I have no idea how to do something like that.

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#8: Post by Milligan »

I've ordered coffee from the UK to the US before. Shipping was around a week, so not too bad. I didn't pay any additional duties. We recently looked through some of the customs details regarding coffee and from what we found there is no duty (at least coming to the US) on roasted coffee under 2kg. I'm not sure how this translates to the UK but coffee doesn't seem to be targeted by customs. Which makes sense, the UK and the US do not produce coffee so why would they be on tariff lists?

Shipping was, however, 3x more expensive than domestic rates so it was hard to justify purchasing out of country for me.

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I'd second the Manhattan recommendation, I've had a couple bags and they were all great. One caveat is you'll need significant rest time, my best shots were at least 4 week rested