Best bean for Breville Oracle

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#1: Post by krivbas »

I know this may sound like too specific/borderline stupid question.
I am looking for recommendations for beans for my oracle.
My preference in taste is "Brazil Roast" and I know that is not really an origin nor a type of bean but rather a blend with a darker roast yet seems to taste different from every roaster.
I don't like "espresso" roast.
Having said that, can someone recommend an online roaster with a good tasting "Brazil style roast" bean or other similar that is good for the Breville built in grinder and not more than $15-$16/lb?

Thank you


#2: Post by Iowa_Boy »

Hi, I will toss out a suggestion out there. It sounds like you are looking for a darker roast Brazilian coffee. There are many people on this forum far more knowledgeable than me, so if you can provide a bit more information, I will bet you get some good suggestions. Are you drinking espresso, Americanos, lattes with your Oracle? Are there examples of coffees you currently like? $15 - $16 is on the low end for what I have found for online roasters but there are some options out there.
I really like Brazil Daterra coffee beans. Great flavor and lasting sweetness. In that price range look at Redbird Sweet Blue ($15.20 a pound). George Howell also has a great Daterra but it's $16.50 for 12 oz and probably lighter roast than you would prefer.
And if you want a great Brazilian Coffee that is often recommended on this forum, try Caffe Lusso Gan Miscela Carmo. In the 2.2 pound size, it's $39 shipped. It's very slightly above your price range, ($17.7/pound) but hard to beat and a great way to see what your Oracle can produce.
Hope this helps!