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Try Pulley Collective in Red Hook Brooklyn, haven't been there but they are a co-roasting facility. And stop by Defonte's for a sub if going to the area. good luck!


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chockfullofbutts wrote: I'm in NYC and the price for 12 oz of coffee from a roaster here has crept over $20 for a single origin and to be honest, it's not always stuff that blows me away.
When I want something >$20 I usually grab a blend from Devocion.

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Yes I've bought from Pipe and Tabor before in Redhook. Just talking to that guy is worth the price of admission.

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I haven't done extensive research into the best value, but I stumbled upon Barrett's here in Austin, and they sell 1lb bags of single origins in the $18-20 range. Very tasty and 33% more coffee for the same price as a 12oz bag.

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I like Third Coast Coffee in Austin Texas, $11 a pound.
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9 dollars a pound if you go in person.

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Local to the ny metropolitan area, but far enough away for the need to order online is:

I was very pleasantly surprised by their coffee.