Beginner coffee tasting tutorial by Tim Wendelboe [video]

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

There are plenty of videos out there on how to do cupping - the mechanics of cupping.

This video starts you on tasting coffee in an easy-to-follow and easy-to-do manner. I sure wish that I had known to do this when I first started tasting coffee.

23 minutes long, released April 2021.

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#2: Post by Peppersass »

Excellent video, very helpful. Great tips on tasting contrasting coffees and having a low-quality reference coffee on hand.

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#3: Post by Brewzologist »

Timely. Just about to do my first Facsimile tasting and now might do this test with different coffees first to get some experience.

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#4: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) »

As facsimile has been mentioned - as an aside, the source of the video, seems a fun way to experience 10 coffees, and compete guessing :wink: on origin, processing, variety, altitude, roaster, and region.

... and they're Canadian, eh? 8)

(I haven't played, I am not a customer, and I had never heard of them until the above video popped up in a YouTube search.)

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#5: Post by Ken5 »

Thank you so much for posting this. I learned a lot from it, I think. :shock: I learned not only how to cup, but I learned that I know very little about coffee... and doing this myself will definitely help me learn more.

I do know when I drink a really good shot, don't get me wrong. What I don't know is if some of the shots I didn't like were because I didn't give them a chance.

I will do this soon. I did try a few shots at the same time once, but I drank them rather than spit them out. Lol. This makes more sense.

For the instant coffee cup, would using my wife's dunkin donut keurig cups work against when cupping espresso or would it have to be espresso, perhaps a nespresso?

Thanks again. Will have to watch again.


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#6: Post by baldheadracing (original poster) »

Ken5 wrote:... For the instant coffee cup, would using my wife's dunkin donut keurig cups work against when cupping espresso or would it have to be espresso, perhaps a nespresso?
Not sure what you are saying. If you are thinking of doing this with espresso shots, then, in my experience, it won't work too well without a lot of setup. (All the shots have to be kept at the same temperature - otherwise, you'll be mostly tasting temperature differences.) Brew your espresso coffee as, well, cupping. Here's Tim, covering the mechanics of cupping (basic cupping at home, not the precise cupping method used in buying green coffee): (8 minutes)
For K-cups, you can just cut open a k-cup or two and brew them just like the other cups. Each K-cup has 6-7g of coffee.

BTW, I learned a lot too 8) .

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#7: Post by Ken5 »

Thanks Craig,

First thing I am going to try is just 3 cups of the same espresso in the manner Tim did with different grinds to test the effects on taste (bitter, sour and sweet.) and mouth feel.

I guess a solution to temperature would be to not do a blind cupping and separating the extractions by let's say 2 minutes and then taste them in the same order 2 minutes apart. Probably would be able to work in a few rounds at different cooling stages.


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#8: Post by GC7 »

Thanks for posting that most informative video.


#9: Post by rokkuran »

Thanks for posting this! I have been doing comparative tasting since James Hoffman's second World's Largest Coffee Tasting. This tutorial really helped expand on a lot of the finer details of the different elements to look out for and having an instant coffee on the table also really helps drive home the subtleties a lot more easily (especially if your instant has robusta in the blend).