Bean looking for the best roaster, what's your fav for espresso?

Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.

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Dad jokes aside, really would like to get my hands on some good beans. I typically drink an espresso or lungo. Love low acidity and rich chocolate notes. My tummy and machine does not handle darker (oily) roasts very well.

Anyone have any recommendations? I would order from local roasters, websites, whatever you have. You could also share how you like to brew.

Thanks for your help!!

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Anyone? Never used this site, is it dead?

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You've asked a question that's even more unanswerable than "What's the best car? I like one that is comfortable." being asked on a sports-car site.

Lots of advice here on probably hundreds of "comfort" blends. I'd avoid Italian-style roasts as they tend to be darker roasts. Running a bean-to-cup machine is a complicating factor as one has very little control over the parameters and the grind quality tends to be poor. Often, the better beans require better grinders and control than a home-use, bean-to-cup machine can provide.

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If you are in the US, I'm thoroughly enjoying Northbound American Beauty. Nominally a medium roast, but I think it's on the lighter side, sweet, easy to dial in, forgiving.

I've been trying other coffees as well -- Grumpy, Lusso -- but it's back to American Beauty.

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Thanks so much to you both. I can't wait to try your suggestions. Ill get started after my couple bags of that Maromas Orphea Espresso (yuck).

I'll let you know what I think. If anyone else would like to post it would be appreciated.