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chanty 77

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Both the Barrington Gold and Verve Sermon are supposed to have blueberry notes. Years ago I loved Barrington Gold, noticed chocolate & blueberry. Then, for whatever the reason--started trying other blends. I know these are both medium roasts. Has anyone tried these, and are they forgiving?

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I haven't tried Barrington Gold, but Sermon is one of my go-to comfort blends. I've found it very forgiving: easy to pull long or short, and fun to experiment to bring out more chocolate or more blueberry. It also ages well, with the flavor profile changing in not-bad ways over a few weeks. Plus, Verve offers free shipping on all orders which makes it a good value given its high quality.

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chanty 77 (original poster)

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Thanks for your post. I'm a little surprised that more people haven't tried either of these blends. Years ago, I was hooked on Barrington Gold, got a chocolatey blueberry flavor from it. That was years ago, and thinking I stopped getting it because it is not an inexpensive roast & they had a big jump in shipping costs. I tried Sermon years ago & also loved (from what I can even remember) the blueberry popping through the chocolate. Then started to have unforgiving issues & was dumping more than using it. I think it was the grinder I had because the grinder I now have I can typically dial in blends I never could before.


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Barrington offers free shipping to their customers occasionally. About once every two months I get an email with a free shipping code. So, if you place an order and get on their radar, you will start getting those offers.

chanty 77 (original poster)

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Would you believe I still get emails from them despite not ordering in a long time. I think I will order some Sermon next time to see if I enjoy it enough to keep ordering it. Sometimes I just like to switch it up seeing as my new grinder seems to work so much nicer than my former grinder.


#6: Post by nameisjoey »

Verve sermon is SO good. Their descriptors are spot on. It's a tad out of my price range but I do love that blend. Occasionally I'll pick up a single 12oz bag and enjoy it but I usually prefer 5lb orders and their price at 5lbs is a solid $20 out of range for me.

chanty 77 (original poster)

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Yeah, Barrington too is very expensive also, but I will try the Sermon again--maybe buy two 12 oz. bags as a treat.

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#8: Post by jpender »

I see Sermon on the shelf in the local supermarket sometimes. I've wondered about it. For some reason I had it in my mind that it was a really dark roast but reading the description on the Verve website I see that I was wrong. They even have free shipping for any size order at the moment.

chanty 77 (original poster)

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That's one of the reasons I'm going to take advantage of it to see if I still enjoy it--the free shipping. When I tried Sermon years ago, it was a medium roast, not too dark, not roasty tasting with blueberry undertones. That is one fruit that I love in my espresso because it is not overbearing--just subtle. I gave up ever trying to buy coffee/espresso in supermarkets anymore because the roast date was typically weeks if not a month before. Paying shipping is worth it from the roaster knowing I'm getting it very fresh. I know that they say that certain roasts (darker??) can be that far out & still taste great. Maybe my senses are more delicate--because I can always tell when a roast is getting past its prime (in my eyes)--which is usually when I'm finishing it, about a month. It could be that I gear more towards the medium-dark & not a solely dark roast person.


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I'm talking about upscale, gentrified markets. There are a few of those around here that carry a decent selection of local and not so local coffees. Sometimes the bags are out of date but other times they're quite fresh. I used to be able to get coffee within 3-4 days roast date pretty consistently. But with the pandemic I'm now buying almost all of my coffee online. That's actually been fun since it has expanded the range of options. It isn't usually cheaper though since I never buy more than a couple of pounds at a time. But with free shipping $16 for a 12oz bag is probably what the local store charges so it would make no sense for me to put on my mask and go see if they have a fresh bag.