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This just came up today at Coava: ... -processed

I have had very good experiences with Coava's tasting notes matching the espresso I pull from their other beans over the years. I just ordered a Kg so I can't vouch for "banana" in the tasting notes today but given its listed first of the three get it.
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jbviau wrote:Prodigal just dropped new coffees, and one of them is described as having a banana note: ... -anaerobic
I ended up getting this one and trying it with a friend. We definitely got the sweet citric orange taste described as mandarin orange on the initial sip. The apple came up on the mid palate while my friend noted the sweetness of banana in the after taste. I could see what he was talking about. There wasn't a distinct banana note, but as textural/sweetness of banana. Kind of hard to describe and may be missed without the tasting notes.

It should be noted that I was refunded for that coffee so perhaps that is part of the reason why.

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The Kg of Coava's Las Capucas Honduras arrived a couple days ago 6-days post roast. Its considerably darker roast than I generally prefer and try as I have been, I can't get anything close to banana anything from these beans. The roast level is too dark and aggressive toastiness for my palate as espresso or cappuccino.
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Thanks for the suggestion, going to have to try this!