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I have been watching Patrick Rolf's YouTube vids a lot and really enjoy them, but I've never had their coffee. Anyone tried it before? If so, what's your experience? I'm even considering doing on of their subscriptions. Has anyone ordered recently? What were ship times like? Their website says there's delays right now due to COVID.


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I've been a subscriber for 4 months now. The coffees have been beautiful so far with excellent customer service. The price is of course premium but I'm happy with the price / quality ratio so far. Plus you get videos for every months coffee which I like.

I can't tell you about shipping times since I live close to Denmark. But if you like clean and bright coffees I would recommend giving them a go!


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I've been enjoying a subscription with April for about 8 months now and can only echo the previous comment. I chose a "brew" roast level and have found all coffees excellent as espresso and pour over with a chemex. I too, though, am located in Europe; shipping to the U.S. may be expensive and possibly less reliable during corona times.


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Thanks for the responses. I'm going to place an order soon. I emailed them yesterday to see if they have shipping estimates, but haven't heard back. I have like 2lbs of coffee right now I need to finish and want to try to line up my shipment from them to arrive when I run out of coffee.


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FYI, I got this response from April regarding shipping to the US: "With Standard Post, it seems to be between 2-3 weeks. It arrives in the U.S rather fast but than it slows down a lot... However, FedEx operates as usual so you can get it in a few days"

I actually just placed a big order with Coffee Collective since they had some Esmeralda in stock. I'm a sucker for that stuff. Prolly will be a few more weeks before I order from April.


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I've ordered from Coffee Collective as well and based on my experiences I'm sure their Esmeralda will be top notch!

Denmark has a great coffee scene. I highly recommend checking out La Cabra also, I think they offer quite affordable shipping all around the world. I'm waiting for La Cabra's Costa Rican launch, last year's line up was incredible!

R@f@el A.

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If you like Nordic roast, Tim Wendelboe is also great. I've subscribed to his coffees for years. His sourcing and roasting are both impeccable. I live on the East Coast and typically receive my coffees within 5 days post roast (using the FedEx option). Cheers.