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SJM wrote:All you have to do is do a search here and the Northbound discount code is always available.
Always? If that's true then the discount is their normal price... unless you just don't know.

cafeIKE wrote:Even at full price, their coffee is a bargain.
I think their stated prices are reasonable. I was okay with it until I discovered that I was paying an ignorance tax. The thing is, I'd happily pay more for good coffee. A lot more. It's not the money. It's the sneakiness of it that I find disconcerting. They could be nice if they wanted to be. I'm basically a new customer.

cafeIKE wrote:I'm happy to have used the discount code, but now that I can't, no biggee.
Why can't you? Does the offer only work a certain number of times?

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I've had NB before and have come back to it. I hit the sweet spot of Trimmer's Delight on the second try. It's a nice change from Saka Crema Bar (which is good also).

15g VST
8 second PI + 4 second active PI
15.1g in
28.4g out
32.3 sec. extraction
as an Americano with 50 grams water added

AB in the freezer, I've had that before too.
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jpender wrote:Always? If that's true then the discount is their normal price... unless you just don't know.
That's one way to look at it, I suppose.
I see it as a gift for which I say Thank You every time I order.

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SJM wrote:I see it as a gift for which I say Thank You every time I order.
I think that's precisely what they want you to think. So their strategy is effective in most cases. That a small minority of cranky people will be put off probably doesn't matter to them.

A local supermarket works the same way. You have to have a membership card or else you pay a lot more than everybody else. The membership is free so of course everyone gets the "discount". It probably makes people think they are saving money but the prices aren't actually better than elsewhere. I find it kind of annoying and so even though it's the closest store I almost never shop there. Fortunately I have multiple alternatives so it's easy. The same is true with coffee roasters except that the numbers are much larger.

The American Beauty I'm drinking right now is pretty good. It's not like to die for or anything but it's solid. I would probably have bought it again but probably I won't.

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This thread was a nice reminder that I hadn't had NB in a while. I ordered some AB and it arrived today. Excited to get into it. Thanks for the code and the parameters you've used.

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I'm enjoying the American Beauty coffee so much that I'm starting to think that I'm going to order from NB again after all. I don't like rewarding marketing shenanigans but the coffee is pretty darn good. Today I was at a local market and they had the Trimmer's dark roast on the shelf. I squeezed the bag and what came out of the valve smelled wonderful. The price was the same as what it would have cost me to buy it online with the discount code. Less actually since I wouldn't have to pay shipping. So.... now I have another bag of their coffee.

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Anyone using Lamplighter as espresso? If so, how are you extracting it?

I remember decades ago, I used to love drinking a Mocha Java blend so I picked up some Lamplighter to try it. I was not pulling espresso back then and maybe my tastes have changed. Regardless, my shots and americanos are OK but really nothing special. So, I am reaching out to this esteemed group to see how they are extracting it (Ratios, Temperatures, profiles, etc).

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Even though I buy quite a few pounds of various NB beans every year, Lamplighter is new to me. Coincidentally apart of a recent order I opted to try Lamplighter for the first time. But I won't start dialing in/making espresso for another few days. Will report back then FWIW.
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I discovered Lamplighter earlier this year and have been thru a couple lbs of it now. I mostly use it for aeropress and really enjoy the results. I get moderate roast, notes of chocolate, and some fruit complexity in the background.
I've also pulled a few shots as espresso 16g in to 32 g out. I got mostly earthy chocolatey notes with a bit of acidity and fruit. Used it for milk drinks and it was good but I preferred American Beauty for espresso.

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Just ordered Prana, American Beauty and their Ethiopia.

Will report back.