Anyone tried current Intelligentsia Sugar Glider?

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#1: Post by Neuron »

They describe it as syrupy-sweet (citrus, apple, dark sugars). Thinking about trying some. I'm really liking their Black Cat Classic right now.


#2: Post by IntrepidQ3 »

Bought a bag of this about a month or so ago. For the life of me I could not dial it in. The water glided through it too fast, pun intended! Did everything I could to slow the flow, tightest grind I could do and maxed the dose for my 20g basket. Burned through the whole bag with a couple ok shots and made a mess of my machine (I have a bottomless pf, had lots of channeling issues).

I will not buy again... I am sure it is good if you can get right.
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#3: Post by bobby_tables »

That was behaving like you didn't have a fresh batch