Anyone tried Crema Wave from Whole Latte Love?

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Seen this bag floating around in a few youtube videos/instagram ads and am curious to try it especially at the price... $23 for a 28oz bag. Wondering if anyone around here has tried it and if they would recommend it. I imagine that the bags probably don't have the freshest roast dates but maybe not as bad as an amazon bag of Lavazza. For context, I've enjoyed coffees like Counter Culture's Big Trouble and Red Bird's Espresso Blend in the past but not enjoyed stuff as dark as Lavazza's Super Crema.

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I've had a few bags of it and really enjoyed it. Each bag I received was recently roasted and mirrored the nutty and honey flavors they promote. The thing about it is that you need to have an order over $50 to receive free shipping and that will place you in the three bag category.

I've been through multiple brands of coffee this year and Crema Wave still ranks as one of my favorites.

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The coffee tastes alright. The issue I have had with Crema Wave was that the beans seemed to half crushed so rather than full beans it was a mix of full bean and just a lot of small chips and chunks. This led to issues when using RDT which caused 1/4 to 1/5 of my dose to be stuck in my single dose container when dumping into the grinder. It was a minor issue, but an issue nonetheless.