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Jack, we know, trust me. It's addressed in the main post (scare quotes around "free," etc.).

Eric, thanks for the update.
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JR_Germantown wrote:Sorry, I didn't realize this was your own company, and thanks for then update.

And I certainly didn't mean to single you out. But in general, "free" shipping is actually just priced in, unless it's a loss leader to hopefully gain customers or additional sales.

No worries.
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I found a few new roasters through Google that are offering free shipping. The first I have tried and can't recommend: They offer free shipping but the coffee wasn't fresh. They have a "best by" date on the bottom of their bags which is always a turn off. I got the Ethiopia and there was no bloom and very little fruitiness. The second roaster I found is called Driven Coffee Roasters ( and I have more hope for them. They state that they roast fresh and then ship on their website. All their coffees are in the neighborhood of $14. I'm going to try their Ethiopia Sidamo. The last roaster I found is Hyperion Coffee Co ( Their coffee ranges from $16 to $24 but they offer free shipping. I'll report back if I give them a try.

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^^^ Added Driven and Hyperion. Thanks, Rick, and sorry for the delay.

I also added Velodrome, out of Marquette, MI. Haven't tried their whole bean yet, but I have some specialty instant on order from them based on a recommendation from a coffee friend whose palate I trust.
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Bixby Roasting Co has free shipping and is $12 for a 12oz bag.

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Chromatic Coffee is doing free shipping on all orders over $16 this summer...all summer long.

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Added Mother Tongue, out of Oakland, CA. It's technically a new roaster, but Jen Apodaca has a lot of experience. The first coffee they sent out in late May, a washed Ethiopian (Alaka), was delicious!
"It's not anecdotal evidence, it's artisanal data." -Matt Yglesias

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rwgamer wrote:I found a new roaster offering free shipping within the U.S. They don't appear to be third wave so I would expect them to roast on the dark side.

Just curious why they aren't considered third wave?


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Modest coffee should be removed from the list. There is now a $35 limit for free shipping.


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To a great extent, this thread bewilders me. The price pr pound, to the door, is all that matters:

Total Delivered Price / pounds = price per pound.

Maybe at my age and situation my bewilderment level is more easily achieved at this time. :?
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