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Discuss flavors, brew temperatures, blending, and cupping notes.
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culturesub wrote:I truly hope I never do.

Really :?:

Going to look for more rattles before they are gone for the winter.
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It's too cold for rattlesnakes around here. More and more cougars (mountain lions) every year, though.

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I live in NYC. I've never seen a snake not in a zoo, in a cage or on a person taking photos in Times Square in my life.

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The last posts have been repetitious snark; so the topic is on cool down. If you want to know the difference between sour and acidic rattlesnakes, consult Wikipedia or your Tarot deck, but don't post it here.

Discussing the dos and don'ts of underdeveloped roasts is going to be contentious, but worth doing. The way for it to stay productive is to focus on factual statements about coffee selection, roasting, and brewing techniques, bean color, and technical taste description, and skipping the epithets.

For instance, given that those who tend to like and dislike very light roasts are unlikely to change their minds in general; there seem to be two topics really worht looking at in detail. First, what are the taste descriptors you'll find by coffee sellers that will tip you to a very light roast? Second, what are the characteristics of a very light roast that will give it wider appeal; so that people who don't usually buy them won't consider them grassy?
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