Allergic reaction to coffees from a specific geographic region (Yemen in my case)

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I have brewed and drank coffees from many regions and never had a physically unpleasant reaction until drinking two different Yemen coffees.

After two different Yemen coffees, I got slight headaches, slight nausea, and felt disoriented. Also, I had a slight runny nose. I do not have a strong allergic reactions to anything, but these symptoms are similar to slight allergy responses I get in early Spring, when plants first starts turning green and flowering, and sometimes in Fall. So I guess I am slightly allergic to these coffees.

It seems this is a known thing in the medical community. I searched for allergic reaction to Yemen coffee, and found this medical study: ... lltextThis was a severe, medical threating reaction - anaphylaxis, in man who only got it when drinking Yemen coffee. Other regional coffee did not cause the reaction in him.

Anyone else have allergic reactions to Yemen or other regional coffees?

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I hadn't heard of this before. I tried the link but it didn't work. I love coffee from Yemen, though it's usually not in the budget for me. Just got done roasting Uganda Sipi Falls Natural and Panama Elida Natural Catuai.

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Sorry I messed up the link. Here it is ... 1/fulltext


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Interesting. The article mentioned the patient has an allergy to nuts. I couldn't access the full article available in PDF format to get the specifics. It's possible the batch of coffee was contaminated with nuts.

The article summary says the patient "tolerates" cardamon, ginger,and dairy products but shows a positive skin reaction to brewed "Arabic coffee" from Yemen with ginger cardamon and milk. I didn't see any mention of a positive skin test to "Arabic" coffee alone (or to ginger, cardamon, or milk alone). So maybe he's not really allergic to plain unmixed Yemen coffee. Or maybe he is. Question seems still unanswered. :cry:


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I haven't had an unpleasant reaction to Yemenia ,but have noticed that for whatever reason I have a stronger physiological response to it than most other coffees that I've drank, in terms of alertness and so on. Maybe this is psychosomatic from knowing that I am drinking less common coffee but I have had four different lots from there now and have noticed this effect from all of them.


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Haven't tried Yemen coffee, but I have a bit of lethargy and disorientation from drinking Italian blends with Robusta. My allergies have been slightly worse as well but I can probably attribute that to the weather changing. Usually one has a threshold which triggers the symptoms and if you still decide to drink it perhaps rotate coffees to mitigate some of the effects. Reduce the dose per day or rotate the coffee out the next day with another coffee or blend.