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ziggomatic wrote:Thought I would follow up with this a bit, I heard back from Passenger today asking about Montecarlos brew recipe and they said their group head temp is around 202.

Similar to as mentioned earlier in this thread, they said 20g in 50g out in 33-36s.

I was actually pulling some shots this week with the grouphead set to 208. Some shots were decent but I couldn't get much more than the toasted nuts flavor to come through. Still delicious!
Good to hear. I've got 2# at the 3 week mark that I'm about to dive deeper into. I w thoroughly have enjoyed their offerings, but was always a bit annoyed by their vague responses to brew parameter questions. Every coffee is 208 Lol. I've got an HX with a grouphead thermometer and 208 was always way too hot. I wonder what the large dose recommendation is for, IIRC it can make the shot a little more forgiving?

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Since I acquiring my Monolith Max SLM I've had amazing results with practically every coffee, surprisingly except for the 2 Passenger coffees, Monecarlos and Divino Nino. Every way I tried, I couldn't get any fruit notes. It was good, but very one dimensional on my setup, even dialing in multiple DE1 profiles. The dominant flavor I kept getting were toasted nuts & peanut brittle, which I couldn't seem to shake. Not very sweet overall for me but still tasted good, I just found I quickly grew tired of those flavors and wanted something different.

I've read that with the Monolith Max SLM burrs some people find certain coffees that don't do well, yet the majority do very well. I was hyped to try passenger after reading so many positive reviews, though am still willing to try some different coffees of theirs again soon. Back to my favorite B&W coffees for now.

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Roasters' recommendations are often? usually? for use with commercial machines in a commercial environment and probably with their water.

On dose and ratio, I would assume that a lot of it is to meet the expectations of a typical retail cafe customer in their region. In the US, I think that means a "cap" which is somewhere in the 8-16 oz range. I'll look at the recommendation for ratio only, and then just in comparison to a 1:2 typical shot.

You can't really take 208 °F as a number to translate to your machine at home unless you're running something that has the same group as what a cafe uses. None of my machines fall into that category. What is somewhat useful is noting if the temperature for a given coffee is cooler, about the same, or hotter than their other coffees.


On the DE1 temperatures are generally not comparable to the typical 201 °F or 94 °C. Over the last couple of years, many of the light-roast profiles have worked down from 88 °C to the mid or low 80s. I would consider 98 °C far too high for a quality, medium or lighter roast. I would try Extractamundo Dos! with a ratio somwhere in the 1:2 to 1:2.5 range, shooting for an extraction pressure in the 4-5 bar range or so. This will be a relatively fast shot, probably 15-20 seconds from pump on.


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I got some Malibar Gold and they recommend 204-207, 18g in, 30g out, in 30 seconds. I've gotten to about that at 204.7 (a random spot I chose) but may try 207 just to see what I notice, if anything...