100% Arabica coffee beans from Clive Coffee

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I recently was searching Clive Coffee's site for coffee beans. On their chat line I asked what beans do they offer that are 100% Arabica. They responded "all of them". Can anyone verify this? Does Clive sell only Arabica beans? Thank you!


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Clive sells approx 20 different brands of coffee with each brand offering multiple types of roast & flavor profiles. Since their filter is fairly useless (at least on mobile) you would need to narrow down exactly which coffee your interested in and check the roasters website. Most likely it will be 100% arabica unless otherwise noted.

bobkat (original poster)
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I agree that Clive could add more information to their offerings. I want to try some different coffees and don't necessarily want high caffeine coffee. It is my understanding that Arabica has somewhat lower caffeine than Robusta. On many sites, vendors state what percentage of Arabica or Robusta is in the coffee and from where the beans are grown. It would also be useful to be told the source of the beans. From this site I learned If the beans are from Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Tanzania, or Kenya they'll be Arabica beans, since those regions don't grow Robusta beans.