Visiting Maui - coffee recommendations

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I am visiting Maui and wanted to visit some local coffee shops. The only thread I saw was from 2016 and it was not encouraging. Any new recommendations?

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#2: Post by TomC »

Hi Julia!

Likely not what you'd want to read, but I travelled to Maui in 2011, intent on finding great green coffee to bring back to the Bay Area and roast myself, but most of the greens I found on Maui were rather disappointing and low quality. I know, even at the time, there were higher quality greens being grown on the big island, but didn't have the timeline to connect with those farmers.

The cafes were even more disappointing and not anything special.

Honestly, with their lower altitude and high labor costs, it's not worth more than the novelty investment to bring any coffee back. Dollar for dollar, you're way better off buying better green elsewhere, as painful as it is to say.

Still a fun trip however. Just not an exemplary coffee journey.
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#3: Post by randytsuch »

When I go I bring a hand grinder. I buy beans from a local roaster and make a pot of drip every morning.

I like maui grown in Lahaina

Lately I've been going here
They roast a little darker than I really like, but more convenient for me to pick up from.

I'm not buying to bring back, I'm buying to drink there.

Have fun

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#4: Post by mdmvrockford »

I agree with TomC post. During 2022, of all cafes I visited (for straight espresso) this was good
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Maui coffee is much better post-pandemic as there are more options and the community is growing. I think my favorite stop was Espresso Mafia in Makawao. The owner is passionate about coffee and uses local roasters - had a James Hoffman sticker on the payment tablet and a lever machine in front of the one of the windows. Definitely stop here, but double check their hours as they close early.

Social Hour Coffee Roasters is a solid option that is served in a few cafes. They open up their roastery on Friday mornings to the community for drip coffee.

Origin Coffee Roasters is another good option that is served in a few different locations.

baristainzmking (original poster)
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Thanks for the reply's, will definitely check out the recommended spots.

I did bring a hand grinder and an aeropress, the placed has a French press so I can make a cold brew. Just wanted to pick up some local beans for my morning, not paying for what they call coffee. Lol