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phillip canuck

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I will be spending this coming week in Vancouver. Any suggestions on cafes to visit, especially for espresso? The latest recommendation thread I found was from 2013.

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Yes! There are an embarrassment of good coffee experiences to be had in Vancouver.

Nemesis Coffee for the whole experience, but very new school on the espresso front.

Prototype for the uniqueness (they can Roast to order!)

Palette is also always good, as are Agro, and a visit to Fyffe bakery in Olympic village for Moving roastery coffee is also worth while!

Check out Vancouver coffee snob for more options... ... uver-2021/

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padollman wrote:Yes! There are an embarrassment of good coffee experiences to be had in Vancouver.
Prototype for the uniqueness (they can Roast to order!)

Presumably to take home and not to brew up while you're in the cafe...I'm not aware of any coffee you can roast and brew immediately...or at least that tastes good that way :)


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Revolver coffee is a go to destination, also you should take a trip to Squamish and go to 1912, it's an amazing place with the absolute good stuff. Enjoy your trip!

phillip canuck (original poster)

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Thank you, all, for your suggestions. I ended up visiting several cafes, and here are some of my thoughts. The best shot I had was at Little Cafe on Robson. They just opened in the past month or so. I had two shots here, pulled by two different baristas, with two different results. My first visit produced by the best results, I think his name was Joshua - he was on afternoon duty. This was exceptional - perfect temperature (not at all HOT) and the roast (which they do) was very fruity with tones of blueberry. The second shot I had the next morning was with a different barista, and was good, but I have nothing to write about it.

As suggested, Revolver was outstanding. Again, I forget which coffee it was, but they had one that was also crazy fruity. This and the Little Cafe shot were two of the most colorful coffees I have had in years (and not bright, but like I was drinking squeezed berries). I had their flight of espressos, and then went back for a full shot of the best one. I then walked around the corner to Nemesis and had a very interesting Colombian and then an Indian espresso - that is a rarity for me.

Because of their location to where I was staying, and their tremendously good consistency, I visited 49th Parallel the most - simply a class act.

I passed through Squamish on my way to Whistler, but, sadly, I couldn't stop at 1914 Coffee Company. I went to Cafe Artigiano in Vancouver, and it is not worth mentioning, but they were a daily stop at their Whistler Village location. Nothing outstanding, but certainly dependable in a quality espresso.

Thank you again for the suggestions - I wish I could have visited all of them.



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Nusa Coffee House on 4th and MacDonald, at the very heart of Kitsilano, you cannot go wrong! These days I go there when I want a nice and quite place to study college algebra tutor for these finals :mrgreen: