A trip behind the bar at my local roaster

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I was recently asked if I would like to step behind the bar at my local (and favorite) coffee roaster / shop here in Seattle. Without hesitation I jumped back there and got to watch the barista pull a shot for me. And it was incredible, I really can't describe it other than 10/10.

I've had an espresso machine for nearly 20 years now, currently using a '72 oly club - but never have I been able to pull the god shot 10/10. Sure, I pull 8/10 a few times a week, but this thing was next level, it redefined what I thought was possible. How have I went so long without ordering an espresso shot there? I blindly get my beans and head home - perhaps I should work on expanding my palate more often!

Anyhow, the barista then asks if I want to give it a try. Boom easy 9/10 on their LM. Of course it is unfair to compare my 9/10 to their 10/10 - theirs was much tastier and I need to literally redefine my "tastiness" scale now.

Incredible experience that I had out of the blue.

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What grinder were they using, and how are your burrs on the Super Jolly? The grinder could make most of the difference, and there are burr upgrades for a SJ. Also, do you measure temperature on the group of your Club?

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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Wow, I wish I've had this experience.

9.9/10 I always prefer my shots at home vs at the shop when comparing the same beans.