Traveling to Italy, looking for must-visit cafes

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#1: Post by LBIespresso »

I will be in Verona, Venice, and Lake Orta and am looking for any must hit coffee shops or coffee related "stuff" to see or do. Traveling with family so I will only get to indulge a bit.

Coffee Garage Bros is the only thing on my list at the moment. Hopefully you guys can add a couple of suggestions!
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#2: Post by ojt »

Hi, welcome to Verona :)

In Verona, in addition to Garage Coffee Bros, I would suggest you visit a new shop called Ammazza Caffè (

- The "flagship store" of Garage Coffee is a very small shop where you can buy beans and drink coffee, and as you probably already knew they are perhaps the most notable micro roastery in Verona having won also the Italian roasting championship. They usually have both espresso and filter roast.

- Ammazza Caffè instead is a bigger shop that has a rotating / varying selection of notable (mostly European) roasters. They tend to serve very lightly roasted coffee. If you end up here say hello from their Finnish friend ;)

- Caffè Alexander. Another local micro roastery with also a coffee shop in the center or just outside the old city center. Slightly more traditional in style than Garage. You can visit their roastery / lab on Saturday morning but it might be a bit difficult to reach without a car.

- Caffè Borsari. They at least used to roast the coffee locally, with the brand name Tubino, but I'm not sure what's the situation now. Their specialty is just a very traditional local coffee with the addition of chocolate powder if asked. Not my thing but some like it.

In Venice, apart from the usual tourist stuff like Florian, you could pay a visit to the Torrefazione Cannaregio. Not exactly a specialty coffee roaster but should be enjoyable. And outside of coffee, going more into the aperitivo culture, I suggest you visit the Santa Margherita square.

If anything else comes to mind I will add. Otherwise, especially related to Verona, you can ask me directly.