Torontonians - what's %Arabica like?

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#1: Post by baldheadracing »

I see on social media that the line-ups at %Arabica at Yorkdale are starting to go down. Anyone have any opinions on the coffee?

( %Arabica is a high-end Japanese coffee roaster. Their only North America location was in Brooklyn, NY until Yorkdale opened last week.)

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#2: Post by buckersss »

I may be driving by there this weekend, if I am I'll stop in for a shot. If the beans have a recent roast date I'll pick up a bag to try too.


#3: Post by VirTERM »

Huge lineup, but very nice place and a good coffee.


#4: Post by VirTERM »

The beans are roasted few hours before you get them...

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#5: Post by buckersss »

Which beans did you buy? I just stopped by but the line up was 50+ people long.


#6: Post by OK31 »

I've been to the Brooklyn location and it's a very tasty cup. My personal opinion is that if a place has skaters they should know what they are doing. I also bought a bag of fresh roast from them and it was good as well. If it's close enough to you and you aren't in a hurry id say the wait is worth it but I'm basing on my Brooklyn cup.


#7: Post by VirTERM »

Got the "house blend" which is the one that they use themselves.


#8: Post by heytchap »

They are my go-to in hong kong and London. I love their coffee.


#9: Post by mrbluetooth »

Tried a macchiato at one of their Kyoto locations last month. Nothing mindblowing but as good as other specialty places.

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#10: Post by »

What cafe has ever delivered a mind blowing macchiato? Lol

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I had a friend ask me about this and, at the very least, it seems like a fair coffee option considering the other options at Yorkdale mall in the GTA. Which is good.
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