Texas Coffee Meetup: Seeking Olympia Cremina and La Marzocco Comparison

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#1: Post by BladeAndStone »

Hey Y'all,

Thought it would be fun to get Texas HB'ers together, compare gear, and taste/compare coffee.


- Cremina to LMLM blind comparison
- Monolith Conical to flat comparison
- Coffee pot luck (bring your favorite bean and try it on one or both machines)

I'm specifically interested in comparing the LMLM to the Olympia cremina, being close in price and both high end machines in their respective category. Shots will be very different but for those thinking about going lever or vise versa it would be interested to see where the strengths and weaknesses with both lay with different beans and different grinders.

Things I'd contribute:
- Monolith Conical
- home made italian cookies to pair with espresso (glazed anisette are my specialty)
- My home in North Austin if there is a critical mass of interest.

Direct Message me if interested and I will begin putting together an email list to coordinate further. Let's shoot for April/May/June 2020.


#2: Post by Nickel »

Sounds good! I'm in San Antonio and have a Monolith Flat that I would love to compare with a conical.


#3: Post by mrjag »

Im tentatively interested. I can bring a MonCon+TiN to see if there is any noticeable difference compared to yours, assuming you have regular burrs.


#4: Post by puglife »

Cool I'm from Austin and I'm interested. Sent you a pm!