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So, wow, no one's posted anything here in over a year, what a drag!
Well I want to give mention to a particularly excellent little cafe, in a city full of great places to enjoy espresso and pourovers, as well as buy great, locally roasted coffee.
First and foremost is their selection of both local and international coffees, next up is their truly interesting gear - a Kees van der Westen, as well as, dig this, a Decent Espresso machine set up for making non-espresso! Factor in eclectic decor, unique and attractive drinkware, and friendly, knowledgeable, and skilled baristas and you have a great place for espresso aficionados to meet! (Only downside is impossibility of parking!)

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Cool - We'll be sure to visit next time we're in NYC!

Thanks for posting.
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#3: Post by LBIespresso »

Love that place. A real gem.
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#4: Post by JamesB517 »

Always love to see SUITED get some attention! It is, IMHO, the best cafe in the NYC area. Absolutely fantastic, and the Decent filter coffee is really cool (and rare).
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Rare to see a store with the DECENT machine! Have you found any in midtown or UES as well?

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I do not know of anywhere else doing filter on a Decent in NYC
Life is like a shot of espresso. You never know what you're gonna get.

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#7: Post by gritts »

I just went here!

Suited served a better cup of Sey than Sey did :shock:

The Filter "4.5" from the Decent machine was extremely light in body, almost too much so. Wish I had just stuck with the batch brew.

Very exciting to see Wendelboe and Apollons Gold on the shelf

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#8: Post by guyy »

I agree that they do a better job with Sey than Sey does. Plus they're far easier to get to. They also present the coffee in nice cups and provide a stirring spoon without needing to be asked. All that matters if i'm going out.

That said, i didn't like my coffee. I failed to notice they were making espressos from Sey, and in my experience, Sey doesn't make for enjoyable espresso. At any rate , All the high notes and peculiarities of the beans, processing and teroir were there, just in a thin and overly acidic package. That's partly my fault for not noticing, but they could have chosen coffees more suited to espresso.

Despite the nice tables and comfortable benches and pleasant service, the atmosphere was noisy and tense; i wanted to finish and leave without lingering. This is the greatest failing of Manhattan cafes. There are still bars where one can sit in a relaxed atmosphere left in Manhattan and there are pleasant places to hang out over coffee in Brooklyn and Queens (mostly old school Italian places - hip places tend to be tightly packed and loud). Tokyo can manage it, Rome and Paris also, so it's not impossible even in a big expensive cities.