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I'm originally from Orlando and before COVID would frequently go back for visits... it's wild to see shops like Lineage and Deeply pop up on HB after quietly killing it for so long. FWIW, my sister is good friends with the husband and wife who own Lineage and not only do they do coffee the Right Way but they are fantastic employers who treat their employees very well.

Oh, and screw Foxtail. Just the worst.


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Another shoutout to Mane coffee. I lived in Ft Lauderdale and Delray for 11 years before moving to to Orlando 2 years ago. I wish Mane was open while i lived there. I go back down pretty frequently and always hit up Mane. In fact, i was there this past weekend and had an incredible flat white with single origin Tanzania. I really like how they have 3-Peaks ready to go. And they love to talk coffee.

As for the Orlando scene Lineage and Deeply are fantastic shops and consistently good. Another one i go to frequently is Fuelpresso on Aloma & Semoran. The owner(Chris) roasts in house and is really passionate about coffee (and cars).

And i agree with the comment above above Foxtail. I will not support that place

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Jealous! I haven't been out for a coffee since March. We're being really cautious here for various reasons. Anyway, I've ordered whole bean from Mane [delivered via USPS] so as not to be a stranger. I've also placed mail orders with Wells and Argyle.

Nick, if you're up for starting an Orlando-centric "specialty coffee shop" thread, I'd happily link to it here. I hardly ever get up to Orlando, but thanks to comments from you and others I definitely know which places to hit when the opportunity arises (thanks).
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jbviau wrote:Well, the timing is bad since I'm not about to make a gratuitous outing during the pandemic, but there's a new shop that just opened in Broward:

They serve Counter Culture in the space formerly occupied by Switchbox. Looks like they also sell flowers, serve alcohol, and plan to feature live music at night? Can't wait to swing by when it's safe(r).
^^^ Update: Kith & Co. is now Cyth and Co. (with new site: Since I'm back to in-person teaching not far from there (long story), I've taken out coffee from Kith/Cyth a few times. It's been good! Plus, the space is beautiful. Not that I'm allowing myself to sit and enjoy it like others seem to be doing...

In other news, Panther (out of Miami) is roasting Aida Batlle's selections now. Thanks to TomC for the heads up on this (link). I ordered some Indigo Reserve today out of curiosity about Batlle's "iced cascara" process.
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WOW. ow, THAT is a compilation of places. I'll definitely try to hit a few when the world goes back to normal.
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All Day in Miami is taking a break until 3/1, just fyi. See here for details:
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A few updates...

1. All Day is back from their break.
2. Composition (in WPB) will be reopening in May, serving Passenger as they did before their pause.
3. I added a new Counter Culture shop, Blanca, to the Dade County portion of the main post. They're in "soft open" mode at the moment.
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Hello, I am in Mane right now. It became my favorite coffee shop in the US. I think that Seattle Coffee Works (captain obvious: in Seattle) has better shots, but they also have a lot more variance, and Mane is always great!

There's a new fairly new coffee shop in Downtown Miami called Breezeblock. There are a few experienced baristas and a few novice ones, so it's fairly hit or miss. They usually run Hologram, but sometimes have single origins (also from Counter Culture). They're opening a second shop (in Miami Springs, I think).

(I didn't like the espresso from All Day).


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cf wrote:I'm a few miles away from Mane and it's been #1 on my list to visit for a while now. I have 3 very young kids and I get the sense it's not the place to bring them to, I have sitters at night but they're usually closed by then. Would you guys think it's family friendly?
Mane is neither kid friendly or kid hostile (I have 5 young children!), While I'd rather come by myself when my kids are at their grannies in Boca Raton, I bring the kids once a year or so. When weather is cooler and not raining, the outdoor seating can be a good thing. Kids and toddlers can wander through the plaza while you sip your coffee comfortably.


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jbviau wrote:Also, here's a new Miami-based roaster, Abra:
I'm friends with the couple that runs Abra. Their coffee is great, I love how they have the "coffee of the month" for both Old World and New World, but they're fairly new and doing only direct-to-consumer. I told the baristas at Mane and Breezeblock (which would be a bit harder, since they are a Counter Culture-only shop) about them, but I never see they get their coffee.