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#11: Post by cskorton »

Whoa, how did I miss this?? I'm in Philly and have family near Doylestown. I'll have to stop in! Commercial levers and a monolith? Wow!!

What type of beans/roast level/shots do you typically serve?

If ever make my way up I'll have to let you know. I can bring my Kinu m68 if you wanted to play around with a conical on your lever (I quite enjoy it with my Londinium).


#12: Post by cgibsong002 »

Congrats this is super cool!! Didn't believe my eyes when i saw Doylestown. My wife's family is there, we haven't been able to visit for over a year due to covid. But as soon as i can get home i will make it a point to stop by! Will have to let them know as well, just got the father in law a super auto for Christmas

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#13: Post by EddyQ »

Amazing. Congratulations! I'm going to take the trip down one of these days!! It would be awesome to see SkyRoast 2 and sip an espressos from those levers.
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#14: Post by sweaner »

jbviau wrote:Yes, congrats! Looks great. Is that a Monolith on the counter?
Alan only opens coffee shops so he can buy equipment to play with!!
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#15: Post by sweaner »

Alan, any parking tips for Doylestown?
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#16: Post by mathof »

Looks great! I'm originally from SE Pennsylvania but I don't get back there anymore. If I ever do, however, I will stop by Doylestown to enjoy your coffees.


#17: Post by SandraF »

Congratulations! I'm way over here, but if I ever get to your neck of the woods, I'm stopping by.

As for parking, you could try riding a bike? :)

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#18: Post by Andy »

That's a beautiful looking space. I like the contrast of the silvery weathered-wood look with the copper and warm light. Well Done! Best of luck.


#19: Post by PhilthyCoffee »

Congratulations Alan, excited to see you've expanded your operation, that's very exciting. Thankful for your excellent skills as a roaster, as well as your customer service promptly answering an array of questions when your not roasting or running 2 cafes. Looking forward to stopping in soon my friend!