Shout out to favorite San Diego cafe

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.

#1: Post by SWR »

A big shout out to House of Black in Poway (San Diego) as an excellent cafe. They pull the best ristretto shots on a gorgeous LM machine. Super cool owner and staff too. I really hope they survive this nasty COVID quarantine. I highly recommend them for anyone who lives in (or will travel to after quarantine) the San Diego area.

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#2: Post by cerone »

Nice! What beans are they using? I'll have to check it out next time I'm up north.

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SWR (original poster)

#3: Post by SWR (original poster) »

They use a single origin Guatemala. They also roast using a pretty cool electric roaster from a Bay Area startup that sounds very interesting. I even bought the Guatemala beans for home use once, and they pulled very nicely.

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#4: Post by ManuelPalmaCoffee »

I lived in San Diego for some time but moved away 3 years ago, these were our regular spots:

James Coffee
Bird Rock Coffee Roasters


#5: Post by MDL »

I will have to try House of Black.

Heartily enjoy both Bird Rock Coffee Roasters and Zumbar Coffee. Zumbar "Humingbird" is my house coffee for espresso.


#6: Post by jpschust »

Bird Rock La Jolla was my intro to 3rd wave coffee.

Also let's give Dark Horse some love too.


#7: Post by BTD1986 »

Wow, I need to get out more. I've been in San Diego 2 years now and I haven't heard of most of these places, only Bird Rock and James. Definitely agree with the bird rock La Jolla location, I drive past it to get to work and they are very consistent and have a rotating pour over menu. Will check out house of black this weekend assuming they are open.

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SWR (original poster)

#8: Post by SWR (original poster) »

Yes House of Black is open lately. I just stopped in 2 days ago to buy beans to buy some time until my online beans arrived. The normal workers weren't there so hopefully they're still pulling good shots. The owner is meticulous about dialing in the machine for shots, but not sure how active he is lately during COVID since I haven't been going lately other than the beans this week.


#9: Post by jevenator »

Hawthorn coffee is a must if you are to try a cafe in San Diego.

I also put together a google map of roasters in San Diego as well.

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#10: Post by Michael P »

Happy to see a San Diego thread here. I would also recommend Coffee & Tea Collective in North Park. I think they're on par with many of the best roasters in San Diego, including Bird Rock, James, Hawthorn, etc.

For those who live near San Diego State, Scrimshaw serves great espresso as well.

For those in Pacific Beach, I'd add Coffee-Cycle to the list. Chris is a great barista and espresso-enthusiast.