Seoul coffee shop recommendations

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Hello !

I will traveling to Seoul soon, I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for shops in Seoul. I've seen alot on the net of course but if anyone has any personal favorites; I would be very grateful. I would also be interested in buying some beans to take home eventually as well



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could try this cafe that is different and an instagram hot spot.

cafe yunnamdong-223-14


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It's probably too late given the date of the OP's post, but you will probably have good luck in the Hongdae area, which has a bit more of a bohemian vibe and lots of cool shops and cafes. The more touristy spots seemed to be dominated by Starbucks and the like.

I've had some really good coffee in Seoul along with some impressive latte art, but I couldn't tell you the names (I don't speak Korean). I chose shops based on the equipment (e.g., superautos = avoid, La Marzocco's = yes). Some of the pastry places, which are everywhere, also had good coffee.