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#1: Post by Honeycomb »

Traveling to Seattle in the near future and will be on the hunt for a cafe with great espresso. Light roasts, funky processes, anything speciality that would be a good experience while on the road. Any recs?

Also, Starbucks reserve is on my list as a purely tourist destination :D


#2: Post by alexsmoke »

My favorite in the area is Espresso Vivace. My wife and I mainly drink lattes so I go for the Vita blend. If milk isn't your thing Dolce is extremely good too.

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#3: Post by Jeff »

Vivace is about as far from "Light roasts, funky processes, anything speciality" as you can get. Classic, second-wave offering, worth experiencing.


#4: Post by thisisjoelee »

You may be out of luck. Seattle loves darker roasts, much to my disappointment as someone who likes what you're looking for.

All that said, there is (only?) one place I've found that hits this spot and it's Milstead & Co in Fremont. Bonus: it's a block from the Troll a popular/usual tourist stop.

Good luck and enjoy Seattle!!


#5: Post by cremaphilia »

Lots of options in Seattle and most roasters will have a light option available -- PushxPull does a lot of fruity anaerobics and naturals.

Oly Coffee Company, Broadcast, Kuma, Elm, and PushxPull, Slate, Sound & Fog (West Seattle, not a roaster, but carries a lot of euro coffees like DAK, Manhattan). Definitely check out Vivace as well.

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#6: Post by Chert »

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