San Diego Coffee Scene - 2022 edition

Talk about your favorite cafes, local barista events, or plan your own get-together.

#1: Post by Bebopbird »

Returned to SD after long stints in Seattle and the Bay. It's wonderful to see SD cafe scene has evolved beyond Birdrock.

Ive been making cafe runs to get an understanding of the scene here. One interesting observation is pour over seems to be less popular here compared to Bay Area and Seattle. Most places just have 1 brew batch but no pour over. I tend to get espresso shot and/or pour over if it's available. I'm always on the r lookout for good coffee roasters so try to stick to single origin.

So far I've visited:

Mostra - great bean selection, pour over option. Only place I found carbonic maceration beans
James - pretty decent. Like the jars togo idea
Dark Horse - Not cutting edge but good atmosphere and mixed drinks
Jaunt - pour over option. Good bean selection and baristas that are somewhat knowledgeable
Hawthorne - cool location, need to try more espresso
Scrimshaw coffee - no lighter roast option, cool atmosphere
Communal - very cool space but not my first (or second) choice for coffee
Bluebottle - it's like sbux of this generation. Good pastries though

Thoughts ? Where else should I visit?

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#2: Post by Chrikelnel »

Bird Rock is great, both their cafes and the coffee they roast. I've had some very good pour overs and espresso from them.

Bebopbird (original poster)

#3: Post by Bebopbird (original poster) »

Awesome. Haven't visited bird rock for like a decade. Might have to go check it out.


#4: Post by jxyz »

North County checking in here, in no particular order:

Steady State - Carlsbad. Excellent coffee, hidden off the main road and a friendly place just hidden from the coastal tourists.
Revolution Roasters - Oceanside, Coast Highway. Excellent coffee & in-house food. Terrible parking and gets quite busy.
Bird Rock - Carlsbad - mentioned already, also great up here.
Lofty Coffee - La Costa & Encinitas. Good coffee, limited food menu.

Bebopbird (original poster)

#5: Post by Bebopbird (original poster) replying to jxyz »

These are great. I used to surf a lot up in north county and have some families near by up there still. Will definitely make a trek out to try them out.

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#6: Post by CarefreeBuzzBuzz »

Chrikelnel wrote:Bird Rock is great, both their cafes and the coffee they roast. I've had some very good pour overs and espresso from them.
Yes I and I believe they use Slayers in the shop. I do like them quite a bit and is my go to when I visit.
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#7: Post by MDL »

Zumbar Coffee is a tiny roaster in Sorrento Valley that I like. They also have a cafe in Cardiff.
10920 Roselle Street

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#8: Post by Michael P »

I highly recommend Coffee & Tea Collective. They are on my short list of best coffee spots in San Diego.

I also recommend visiting:

Cafe Virtuoso in Barrio Logan.
Pot Pie shop in University Heights (they serve Heart Coffee Roasters).


#9: Post by 858 »

I like your list, and love all those spots for various reasons. I also love Zumbar for quality medium roast beans. I also buy beans from Seven Seas. If I want to eat and sit for a while I like Copa Vida. If I'm in the mood for tacos el gordo, I like to stop at cafe moto on the way. Moe coffee made a good espresso. The to go counter at Buona Forchetta pull their shots on lever machines, so far my favorite espresso in Coronado. Looking forward to everyone else's recommendations.

Bebopbird (original poster)

#10: Post by Bebopbird (original poster) »

Wow. Never heard of coffee & tea collective or moto. Will check these out!