SCA Expo & Workshops, NOLA, 9/30 - 10/3/22,

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#1: Post by PeetsFan »

We're thinking of attending the Coffee Expo in NOLA this year:

I'm still trying to decode their pricing scheme to understand if the complete pass includes their workshops or just "lets" me pay for the workshops ala carte. Has anyone attended before? Anybody planning to go? Opinions?

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#2: Post by ira »

I'm certain there is value in the sessions. I've only been to two, brewing level one and espresso level one. Not only did I not learn anything significant but they seemed to be teaching some things we've already discarded as not useful or just wrong. Partly because the lessons are intended for people working in or starting shops and sometimes what makes sense there for a beginner makes no sense here. I'm certain some of the classes are quite valuable, but remember the intended audience isn't really us.


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PeetsFan (original poster)
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Thanks, that's really good to know.
Prices vary depending on whether you buy a membership.
An exhibits-only pass is $30
A full conference pass is around $350-ish
To take a coffee making class it's another $300 each on top of the $350.
So far, they haven't published what their non-paying sessions are, so $350 is the same as $30.

It seems that their classes are quite expensive, and if they aren't the best of the best, not worth it.


#4: Post by Coffcarl »

There are sessions that you can attend for free with the full pass, and there are workshops and certification training that you have to pay for

I volunteered and got the full pass in exchange. I attended a couple of sessions that were not that interesting, but maybe I made bad choices.

The volunteer opportunity let me schmooze with baristas I met a runner up champion in the judges calibration room, and a coffee entrepre eur from el Salvador. I am going this year, and it coincides with French quarter fest.